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Hello friends,
Greetings from India! My name is Rishi Chaturvedi and I am a Hindi teacher with over 25 years experience. I have been teaching Hindi as a foreign language to visiting Study Abroad students from USA, Canada and Japan, who did sign up for a semester or academic year abroad program in India.
For last 25 + years, I had been teaching many groups that includes hundreds of students in various study abroad programs in India at foundation, intermediate and advance levels. So teaching became my life in a very natural progression and I believe learning a foreign language is, in many ways, learning about the culture that flows through it....and also, in some meaningful ways, learning about ones own background and culture. Hindi is the most spoken language in the world after Mandarin Chinese. So learning Hindi can open up the window of opportunity to get familiar with the life and culture of over 350 million native speakers. I invite and welcome anybody interested in signing up for a foundation course in my interactive class for beginners. I am open about developing tailor made and individual student centic course for those who already have some background in Hindi. Here is a brief description of my teaching background and experience as given below:-
-Worked with SIT/World Learning Inc., VT (USA) for 13 years and involved as Hindi Faculty in their College Semester Abroad (CSA) program. I did teach a 60 hours and 4 credits foundation Hindi course to over 25 groups of undergraduate North American students between the year 1994 and 2006.
- Also worked with Mennisota State University's semester as well as academic year abroad program in India ( M.S.I.D) on InternationalDevelopment as Hindi Faculty for 8 years at foundation, intermediate and advance levels.
- Worked with School of Global Studies at Tama University (Tokyo, Japan) in their Summer Abroad Program in the year 2010 and 2013, as Hindi
Faculty for Japanese Undergraduate studentsAt foundation levels.
- Working with Union College
(Schenectady, New York) since 2016 as Hindi Faculty teaching a foundation course to their undergraduate students participating in their Anthropology Field School in India.
- Worked with University of Illinois, Chicago’s Summer Abroad Program in the year 2010 and 2012, as Hindi Faculty for American Undergraduate students at foundation levels.
Looking forward for your response and queries, if any. Meanwhile be safe and enjoy yourself!

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1996 - 1998
MA Hindi language and literature
Himachal Pradesh University - Shimla, HP, India
Language and literature


Partner & Resident Director/ Survival Hindi Teacher
CarpeDiem Education - Rajasthan. India
Gap Year Experiential learning India tours
In-country Program Coordinator/ Hindi Teacher
SIT/World learning, University of Illinois, Chicago - Jaipur, India
Semester Abroad -India-Art & Culture
2003 - 2014
Hindi faculty
Minnesota State University's study abroad - Jaipur, Rajasthan, India
Taught 4 credits foundation course.
1994 - 2006
Program Coordinator/Language teacher
SIT/World Learning - India

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