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Carine Hoi Lam Yuen

4:37 PM (GMT+02:00)
광동어 (Cantonese)
광동어 (Cantonese)

나의 언어

광동어 (Cantonese)

원어민 쌤 프로필

極速高效速成班🔥Method proven! 🌟 Students achieving top results. 🌟 想在香港流利生活,只需三個月學會廣東話!

Thank you 🙏 for taking the time to explore my teaching profile and learn about my courses. 💖
Wishing you a fulfilling 🌱 and enlightening 🌟 learning journey ahead!

////////////////////////////////About me///////////////////////////
🎓 International school teacher : MA in Chinese teaching. Teach both Cantonese, Mandarin and formal Chinese, writing and reading
🤗 Warm and compassionate
Teaching Chinese Literacy, the characters, Reading, and Writing
🎯 Goal-oriented 📈 Ensuring steady progress.
🧠 Skilled in helping students of the memory retention.

////////////////////////////////Lessons & teaching style///////////////////////////
🌱 Gradual & enjoyable learning approach.
🗣️ 1 month: converse with natives. 🎯 Goal-oriented
💼 6 months: confident Cantonese/Chinese for work. 📈 Ensuring steady progress.
🗣️ Gain confidence to speak Cantonese fluently / reading Chinese.

///////////////////////////🥇 Proven methodology: emphasis on listening & speaking.///////////////////////////
💬 In-Class Speaking/Writing, Emphasis on interactive oral practice.
📖 Post-Class Homework, Encouraged continuous practice after class.
Reinforces and consolidates learning.
🛠️ Supported by effective aids.
🛠️ Focus on practical usage.
🎧 Supplementary materials: audio recordings & interactive exercises.
💻 Platform for each student : Access materials 24/7, anywhere.


🛍️ How to Get Started: A Guide to Flexible Options

1️⃣ Getting Started Tour
For the first purchase of a trial 30 mins or a single class 60 mins, we will conduct preliminary planning and communication according to your time and needs.

2️⃣ Adapt to your pace
Don't worry about a busy work schedule. You can choose to purchase additional class, or choose our class package according to your time, and adjust at any time.


📒 Method

Class designed to maximize language acquisition.
Textbook, supplementary materials, and learning software.
Review lesson content & oral practice for effectiveness.

📚 Resources Galore

Textbook & ample supplementary learning resources for enrichment.

⚙️ Pre-Class Prep

Familiarize with the upcoming lesson.
Enables active in-class engagement.

💬 In-Class Speaking

Emphasis on interactive oral practice.
Opportunities to apply knowledge & improve speaking skills.

📖 Post-Class Learning

Encouraged continuous practice after class.
Reinforces and consolidates learning.


🌈 5 Types of Course
1.📚Cantonese Mastery : Comprehensive course for Beginners and Upper Beginners
2. 🎯香港生活廣東話速成班 🌟 想在香港流利生活,只需三個月學會廣東話! 🌟
3. ✨Cantonese Fluency Accelerator - All-Level Cantonese Speaking Workshop
4. 🧒Chinese Literacy for self-directed learner : Dive into Characters, Reading, and Writing

📚Cantonese Mastery : Comprehensive course for Beginners and Upper Beginners
🎓 **Track Record**: Based on the success stories of numerous students, our course is a proven platform for Cantonese mastery.

📚 **Effective Learning**:
- 🏗️ Structured study + 📝 Practical assignments = 📈 Improved listening & speaking skills.
- 📖 Many thrive using our suggested textbook.

🔧 **Adaptable Approach**:
- ✂️ Tailored lessons to individual needs.
- 🌟 Offers more than just textbook learning.

🗣️ **Speaking Drills**:
- 📜 Dive deep into 70 key grammar structures.
- 💬 Speak with confidence and clarity.
- 📚 300+ essential vocabulary words to elevate your conversations.

🧐 **Curious about our success formula?** Check my profile for a peek into our teaching methods.

⏱️ **Class Breakdown**:
- 🔍 30%: Building foundational knowledge.
- 💬 70%: Immersive Cantonese practice with repetitive drills.

📘 Comprehensive Curriculum: Emphasizes speaking, listening, Pronunciation, Core Vocabulary, Grammar, and Conversation Practice.

🔖 **Revision Tools**:
- 🎴 Custom flashcards + 🎧 My audio: Designed for pivotal vocabulary & sentences.
- 🎵 MP3s of vocabulary, dialogues, & exercises await you.

Based on the positive outcomes of many students, this course has established itself as an effective platform for individuals dedicated to mastering Cantonese. By combining structured study with practical assignments, students consistently achieve improved skills in both listening to and speaking Cantonese. A significant number succeed using our recommended textbook.

2. 🎯香港生活廣東話速成班
🌟 想在香港流利生活,只需三個月學會廣東話! 🌟


🎯 我的特點:

🌠 學生心得:
“只學了三個月,我已經可以和香港的朋友、同事輕鬆交流,感謝這個課程的幫助!” —— 滿意的學生


🔗Message me~!!

🌆 讓我們一起,開啟你在香港的全新生活!🐉

✨Cantonese Fluency Accelerator - Cantonese Speaking and Listening Workshop

🤔 Facing These Challenges?

❌ Trouble finding the right words?
🔄 Mixing sentence structures?
🚫 Hard to follow or join in Cantonese conversations?

🚀 Our Approach: A focused training to tackle these issues head-on!

🎯 What We Offer:

✨ Sharpen your speaking & listening for fluid conversations.
🛠️ Practice with real-life scenarios & interactive exercises.
🎤 Aim: Enhance your pronunciation, expand your vocabulary, and refine your sentence crafting skills in a comfortable and stress-free environment.

📖 In Class:

✨ Get guidance to boost your skills!
🗣️ Spend 70% of the time actively speaking and listening.
🕵️ The other 30%? We'll work on specific areas you can improve, like vocabulary or pronunciation, and give you feedback to build your confidence.
🎧 Use tools like Quizlet and Skype for support.
📜 Get personalized notes after each class for extra practice.
📞 Get in Touch: Share your goals, and let's see if this course is right for you!

🧒Chinese Literacy for independent learner : Dive into Characters, Reading, and Writing🌎 Global Interest:

The charm of the Chinese language goes beyond just words. It connects you to a world full of history and culture.

🤔 Curious Minds: Students are drawn to the story behind Chinese characters, and some even want to share this treasure with their kids.

📚 Structured Learning:

🧐 Customized Levels: Whether you're starting with the HK system, HSK, or everyday language, there's something for everyone.
🔍 Deep Dive: Explore the interesting beginnings of Chinese characters.
🎴 Flashcards: Learn step by step with a well-planned method.
📖 Personalized Materials, you choose what you want to work on
🍜 Learning from Life: Use things like menus to learn.
🖋️ The Basics: For starters, learn the building blocks of Chinese writing, including radicals and strokes.
🛠️ Digital Tools: Improve your learning with helpful online tools and instant translations, helping you learn on your own.

🌠 Keep Learning, Keep Growing: In just three months, students could remember the characters they learned before and kept getting better, little by little. It makes me really happy to know students and I made a course that really helps them learn!

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Our method includes a suitable book, ample resources, and software. Pre-class preparation and in-class oral practice ensure effective learning. Post-class practice consolidates skills.
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2013 - 2011
Master degree in Teaching Chinese to foreigner
Jinan University, Guangzhou - China
2007 - 2011
Bachelor in Applied Psychology,
Hong Kong Polytechnic University - Hong Kong

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