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Chris (Sukyoung) Chae

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한국어 (Korean)
한국어 (Korean)

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한국어 (Korean)

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I'm Chris. Thank you for your interest in my tutoring. Hopefully, your dream comes true through my Korean lessons. I lived the first act of my professional life as a specialist in the field of science. For a long time, I trained myself to be a scientist who observes phenomena, thinks alone, seeks and interprets information, establishes theories, and draws conclusions. Currently, I am teaching the Korean language to native English speaker kids and adults who want to learn the Korean language online. Specially I can teach Korean to students who are interested in studying it in an academic field such as medical engineering, biology, chemistry, math, and Christian Bible. There are many lessons that you can learn in the Korean language according to your goal. I will do my best for my mission to teach the languages in all ways. I am an experienced teacher at the Korean Language School in Canada and I am teaching the Korean language online course. There are many lessons for beginners, intermediate, kids, and businesses that you can learn the Korean language according to your goal.

My lessons and courses are well-structured so you practice new vocabulary and learn more with each class. I also assign exciting personalized homework, and you will practice the new words in an application after each lesson.
I am extremely patient and understand how to pace your lessons out according to my student. I am very dedicated to my student's learning process. I have critical thinking, insight, patience, organization, leadership, and knowledge.

Teaching style : by incorporating digital learning tools in lessons / PowerPoint / PDF / Video / Picture / Animation / word game / live worksheet

My background was in Chemistry. I received a doctoral degree in chemical engineering at KIST (Korea Institute of Science and Technology) in South Korea. I taught science and engineering to students as a research professor at Korea University for 3 years after my doctoral course. I have also been working at Brigham Women's Hospital in Boston in the USA for 1 year as a researcher in the field of biomedical engineering.
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My lessons and courses are well-structured so you practice new vocabulary and know more and more with each lesson. I can guarantee that your Korean will improve in 3 months. Do you want to get a trial class?
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2003 - 2010
Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering
Yonsei University - Seoul, South Korea
Biomedical engineering


2020 - 2020
TESOL diploma
Advanced College of Languages and Training Canada - Vancouver, Canada

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