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My name is JungYeun Park and I am a licensed Korean language instructor. I have been practicing as a language instructor for three years now. The goal of this note is to provide you insight into how I view the process of language learning, communication/teaching style, and approach to working with students.

✔️ All learning materials are provided for free
✔️ Digital Flashcard of 1000 essential words
✔️ PDF + Document provided after every lesson
✔️ First milestone: help you to be 85% fluent in Daily conversation
✔️ Effective learning curriculum
✔️ Highly customized lesson based on your level/goal
✔️ Compound learning: see results in every session
✔️ From complete beginner to advanced students
✔️ Good with all age (kids/adults)
✔️ Strong Foundation/Basis
✔️ Conversational / Pronunciation correction / Exam / Travel preparation
✔️ 3 years of teaching experience

I view language tutoring as a place where students can improve their language skills in various aspects without judgment, along with feeling a sense of comfort. I believe becoming fluent in a language is possible through highly customized lessons, fun in the process of learning, and an authentic relationship between the teacher and the student.

✨ Born and raised in South Korea
✨ Studied in the USA for High School and University
✨ Lived and traveled in 25 countries and worked in Singapore, South Korea, USA, Italy
✨ Multinational corporate business background as a Market Analyst & Marketing
✨ Love kitesurfing, boxing, and playing the ukulele.🏄‍♀️ 🥊 🎸

My teaching style is relationship-oriented, thoroughly prepared, patient, and friendly. I pride myself on making sure students feel supported and encouraged during the educational relationship. My approach when working with students is highly attentive and customized. I use a personalized curriculum and thoroughly prepared teaching materials to accomplish this when working with students with various levels, motivations, and goals. I believe through building trust and a sense of comfort when working with students, we create a space that is genuine and open, which allows students to bring their best ability and mindset to learn.

❝ I needed to pass a Korean competency exam at my university and JungYeun was able to put together incredibly effective prep material, tailored to my exam needs and learning style. I just got the results of my exam back and I passed with flying colors, because of her help. Whether you’re looking to casually learn Korean or to rigorously prep for a 6-hour Korean competency exam, JungYeun will help you get the job done (: - Joshua (University Student)❞

❝JungYeun is an amazing Korean teacher! I started studying Korean on my own 3 years ago and only recently started taking lessons from her, and since I had already learned a lot she took the time to learn my level and personalize the lessons to my skill set and things I needed to work on the most. Whenever I have a question she is happy to fully explain the topic until I completely understand. She also tries her best to tailor the lessons to her student’s personal interests and uses webtoons and games to make learning more engaging and interesting. I definitely don’t regret starting to take lessons with her because I’m already learning so much after only 3 lessons, and she gives me the opportunity to practice my Korean in conversation with no judgment and with edits when needed. It’s nice to have a teacher who is so patient and rather than getting frustrated, takes things slowly when you are struggling with a topic. She’s overall a great teacher and because she is very personal with her lessons, I think her style of teaching can work for everyone. - Jadzia (Highschool Student) ❞

❝She is so caring and makes me feel so comfortable to practice with her! I can read and write Korean fairly well, but I have a difficult time in conversations because it is hard for me to express what I want to say. However, I never feel self-conscious with JungYeun. She is always so encouraging and helps me learn tricks in forming sentences so that I can do it more easily on my own. Also, I’m always shocked by how she can answer any question I ask her, no matter how random or difficult it may be. She really knows both Korean and English so thoroughly (and at an academic level), which is amazing because it allows her to explain the minute subtleties between the languages in ways that my Korean friends never could. I’m a physician, so accuracy is very important to me, and she is always so clear and precise in how she explains things. I can’t imagine a more perfect Korean tutor! Recommend 1000% - Emily (Adult)❞

❝JungYeun was able to make Korean enjoyable for my two kids (ages 7 and 9). She sent a questionnaire to be filled out before our trial lesson which asked them about their interests, why they were learning Korean, what Korean they already knew, and a slew of other questions. The trial lesson consisted of her trying to gauge their current level of competence and understanding and teaching them new topics, like colors. The visual aids and teaching material were all done electronically and I thought it was effective in the lesson. If we continue, she said we would work on their weaknesses to get them moving forward as well as teaching them. I do get a sense that she genuinely wants to help achieve our goals of getting the kids proficient in speaking Korean (partly to have a meaningful conversation with their grandparents). My kids have JungYeun a thumbs up and said they wanted to learn more. - Brian (Parent of the young students)❞

I hope the information I have provided you is helpful as we begin to work together. You can read more about my background, education, experience, and teaching approach by clicking on my profile. Wherever your level is, I am confident that you will find a learning journey with me to be fruitful and effective.

I look forward to meeting and beginning our learning journey together!

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2009 - 2013
Bachelor degree of Liberal Arts and Sciences
University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign - Illinois USA
Psychology & Business


Korean Instructor
Washington USA
Currently teaching Korean language to online and offline students. I love helping my students to achieve their goals and making our lesson to be their highlight of the day!
2019 - 2020
Independent Contractor Linguist for Korean Language
Definedcrowd - Washington, USA
2016 - 2017
Head Market Analyst in Asia Pacific
Coesia - Singapore, SG
At this point I was working in Asia Pacific for total of 3 years. I managed analyzing markets of 11 countries in Asia including South Korea. I have a vast understanding of cultures of people from different countries as I have traveled and lived throughout 25 countries working with colleagues from 35 different countries.
2016 - 2016
Market Analyst Coesia HQ
Coesia HQ - Bologna, IT
Worked as Market Analyst with the Marketing team in headquarter in Italy. I was the main contact person when my Italian colleagues had to communicate with Korean branch. I continue to develop my business Korean language skill throughout the experience as well.
2014 - 2016
Marketing Representative Coesia
Coesia - Seoul, KR
I worked as a Marketing Representative in Gangnam, Seoul dealing with Korean clients and peer colleagues in daily bases in Korean while communicating in English with our multinational branches throughout 35 countries.


Certification training course+qualification test.
2011 - 2013
Leadership Certificate University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign 2013
University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign - Illinois USA
Learning essential skills related to professional development
2012 - 2012
Conflict Resolution Training Program
Campus Mediation Sevice, UIUC - Illinois, USA
Conflict resolution skills for personal & professional settings

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60 minutes