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Kai Borgvald Humphreys

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I’m a fun loving, hardworking guy who really believes that we are all teachers and students in some way and to some degree and the world is our classroom and life is our curriculum. For this reason, I really enjoy photography and reading. I’m also very interested in travelling, meeting people from all over the globe and learning about them and their cultures and learning the languages they speak. I was born in South Africa and have frequently visited Europe. I’ve also been to Brazil and Canada. I speak Portuguese quite proficiently and some Spanish but my native language is English. I also have a huge appreciation for music, film, theatre and art.

I never enjoyed learning languages until I taught myself. I discovered the reason for this was because teaching strategies my teachers used were incompatible with my learning style and they did very little to motivate me. This made learning hard. Once I saw just how enjoyable and easy it could be to learn language with the right attitude and methods, I decided to start teaching English. I acquired a bachelor’s degree in education, a CELTA certificate, 2 TEFL certificates and a licence to teach. I have also taught general purpose English, business English and academic English to all ages and at all levels from beginner to advanced level and to students from around the world for over 5 years.

Many students tell me they are too busy, slow, old or unmotivated to learn English - my teaching style enables me to find solutions to these problems. Firstly, I never follow a strict timetable or curriculum even when it comes to grammar lessons, because I know that all my students learn differently. I teach my lessons to match individual pace and learning style. I instil confidence in my students from day one by giving them many opportunities to practise English, giving my feedback during or after the activity. I ensure that my lessons are always productive by paying careful attention to my learners’ needs. I also make my lessons as fun and lively as possible to keep my students motivated.

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2014 - 2017
Bachelor of Education
UNISA - South Africa
This was a four year course that required me to learn all the main subjects of school and to teach them for 20 weeks to middle school students. I focused on languages, namely English as a first language and Portuguese as a third language and psychology.


2013 - 2019
EFL Teacher
International House Cape Town - South Africa
Having taught many one on one and group general purpose, business and academic english lessons to students of all ages, from A1-C2 level and to students all over the world for over 5 years, I’m well prepared to address students’ English needs.


2018 - 2018
Certificate of Registration
South African Council for Educators - South Africa
I was required to complete my bachelor’s degree of education with a pass, have 20 weeks of practical teaching experience and register with the South African Council of Educators. I am now a licensed teacher.
2013 - 2013
TEFL 140 hours
TEFLink - Online
2013 - 2013
CELTA (Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages)
Cambridge - South Africa
To acquire this certificate I had to enroll in an intensive 4 week course, attending lessons on how to teach and manage students, prepare lessons and teach them to refugees of different ages and levels. In addition, I also had to write a number of essays related to teaching English. The course prepared me to cope under pressure and deal with a number of different English teaching situations.
2011 - 2011
TEFL 60 Hours
Bridge - Online