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Hello! I’m Nok.
Have you ever felt like this?
You want to speak and read Thai because you have a plan to travel to Thailand. But you are not confident to speak Thai. ^^!
You may have some Thai friends who you want to talk with them.^^
You want to read Thai because you may love Thai characters.
What are you waiting for? I am here for helping you speak Thai like a Thai.
You will learn all of these. You just book my lesson. I look forward to helping you speak like a Thai.^^

You try to imagine! How it is fun if you can speak Thai while you are traveling in Thailand.
Ordering food, yummy. You can understand the Thai script or Thai drama. And you can sing Thai songs. That is a great thing. You are not dreaming. You are the real things. Dream comes true. Don't wait to book my lesson right now.

Nok lives in Thailand and she is also a Thai native speaker. She loves to teach the Thai language to foreigners. Moreover, SHE WELCOMES A NEW STUDENT. Nok teaches Thai from beginner level to advance level. The schedule can be flexible in your time zone. You do not only learn the Thai language but you do also learn Thai culture.

What will you learn with me?
1. Real conversation in these situations: Speaking and listening
we will learn Thai through Thai music, Thai signs, etc.
Greeting and Introducing oneself,
Going shopping, Telling time in Thai,
How to say the number in Thai etc.
2. Reading and writing in Thai.
Pronouncing Thai alphabet is correct: ก ข ฃ ......อ ฮ
How to pronounce tone sound, and vowels sound in Thai. กา ก่า ก้า ก๊า ก๋า
Thai class consonant for helping you pronounce confidently and correctly.
3. Grammar in Thai.
How to use Thai verb: ไป – pay-go, มา–maa–come, กิน – kin-eat.
How to say question in Thai: ทำไม–tham may – why, อะไร - ʔa·ray – what,
ที่ไหน - thîi nǎy – where, etc.
Please feel free to let me know if you have any questions about my class. Let’s get started. You just booked a trial lesson. I hope to see you soon.
Thank you so much for visiting my profile.
FB: Learn Thai By Nok Style
Skype: kanjanaphorn_1977
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You can see my teaching methodology and materials.^^
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2021 - 2021
The preparing learning materials and teaching Thai to children
Sumaa Language and Culture Institute - Thailand
Focusing on teaching Thai to children.
2021 - 2021
Teaching Thai to Foreigners using Translation Trainning
Sumaa Language and culture Institure - Thailand
Using translation help students understand Thai meaning.
2019 - 2019
The teaching Thai To Foreigners Training
Sumaa Language and Culture Institute - Thailand
Helping you to pronounce correctly,learning Thai culture

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