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Caleb Taylor Garcia

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Hello! Ciao Caro(a)! Saludos!....... So about me, beyond what you see in the video, you will find me to be a happy team player with a free spirit that loves to learn and share. I love celebrating all the successes that students achieve in their learning curve, especially when these successes are overlooked or downplayed. I love helping students see all the ways they are already winning! I am happy to assist them to build and grow new success patterns and language skills.

I have 15 years teaching and tutoring experience in class room, as a volunteer, privately, in front of live audiences, on cable TV, and recreation-ally. I have taught and tutored a variety of subjects and disciplines, but language is by far my favorite. Having taught myself two foreign languages, I know it takes commitment, this is why I encourage my students to book and schedule multiple lessons at a time instead of one at a time!

I have a holistic approach to teaching employing traditional methods to new scientific research for accessing and employing the sub-conscience mind in learning. Note I have found this to be especially true in learning language, as language is typically learned just beyond infancy.

I have a strong presence, engaging persuasion when teaching, and am able to adapt my effective teaching style to the students personality and body language, yet overall keeping the learning environment, light, silly, and worry free since these are the best environmental stimuli for learning language .

It's important that each new student knows the rules of my classroom before booking.
In my class there are:
No self-criticisms.
No distractions or interuptions like phone calls, txt messages, or social media.
No negative talk or complaining during a lesson.

I love tutoring Spanish speaking and Italian Speaking students since I speak both languages fluently. I can also communicate well with French and Portuguese students. All languages are WELCOME!

I hold an English language certification with the State of Illinois which allows me to work with children with language developmental gaps, as well as interpret, and translate English to Spanish, English to Italian, and vice-versa.

I look forward to getting to know more new students, and celebrate all their new wins, as their confidence in English grows and develops into reaching their goals and aspirations. Book a lesson today, and lock in your lower rate before it goes up, and lets get started.

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briefcaseExperiência profissional

Language and Communications Teacher
Volunteer - Chicago, Illinois - Milan, Italy- Manzanillo, Mexico, San Juan, Puerto Rico- Cancun, Mexico
Teaching a "pure language" helping students improve in comprehension, reading skills, understanding of specific terms, public speaking, and presentation skills.
2013 - 2017
Bilingual Host
Fashion Culture TV - Chicago, Illinois
I hosted a local Chicago based cable TV show.
2011 - 2012
Tutor ABC
Tutor ABC - Online-Japan
After completing the Tutor ABC training for online tutoring I worked part-time for a year doing online English Language Tutoring.
2011 - 2011
English Teacher
Private School - Manzanillo- Mexico
I taught grade school English to Children in a private School grades 1-5.
1999 - 0
Public Speaker and Instructor
Theocratic Ministry School - Warwick New York
I am enrolled in an ongoing school of Public Speaking, and I volunteer as a Public Speaking Instructor and coach.


Language Certification with the State of Illinois
State of Illinois EI (Early Intervention) Systems - Illinois
THis certificate allows me to work with children 0-3 years of age who have language developmential issues, as well as traslate, and interpret English to Spanish, English to Italian, and vice-versa.