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極速高效速成班🔥Method proven! 🌟 Students achieving top results. 🌟 想在香港流利生活,只需三個月學會廣東話!

Thank you 🙏 for taking the time to explore my teaching profile and learn about my courses. 💖
Wishing you a fulfilling 🌱 and enlightening 🌟 learning journey ahead!

////////////////////////////////About me///////////////////////////
🎓 International school teacher : MA in Chinese teaching. Teach both Cantonese, Mandarin and formal Chinese, writing and reading
🤗 Warm and compassionate
Teaching Chinese Literacy, the characters, Reading, and Writing
🎯 Goal-oriented 📈 Ensuring steady progress.
🧠 Skilled in helping students of the memory retention.

////////////////////////////////Lessons & teaching style///////////////////////////
🌱 Gradual & enjoyable learning approach.
🗣️ 1 month: converse with natives. 🎯 Goal-oriented
💼 6 months: confident Cantonese/Chinese for work. 📈 Ensuring steady progress.
🗣️ Gain confidence to speak Cantonese fluently / reading Chinese.

///////////////////////////🥇 Proven methodology: emphasis on listening & speaking.///////////////////////////
💬 In-Class Speaking/Writing, Emphasis on interactive oral practice.
📖 Post-Class Homework, Encouraged continuous practice after class.
Reinforces and consolidates learning.
🛠️ Supported by effective aids.
🛠️ Focus on practical usage.
🎧 Supplementary materials: audio recordings & interactive exercises.
💻 Platform for each student : Access materials 24/7, anywhere.


🛍️ How to Get Started: A Guide to Flexible Options

1️⃣ Getting Started Tour
For the first purchase of a trial 30 mins or a single class 60 mins, we will conduct preliminary planning and communication according to your time and needs.

2️⃣ Adapt to your pace
Don't worry about a busy work schedule. You can choose to purchase additional class, or choose our class package according to your time, and adjust at any time.


📒 Method

Class designed to maximize language acquisition.
Textbook, supplementary materials, and learning software.
Review lesson content & oral practice for effectiveness.

📚 Resources Galore

Textbook & ample supplementary learning resources for enrichment.

⚙️ Pre-Class Prep

Familiarize with the upcoming lesson.
Enables active in-class engagement.

💬 In-Class Speaking

Emphasis on interactive oral practice.
Opportunities to apply knowledge & improve speaking skills.

📖 Post-Class Learning

Encouraged continuous practice after class.
Reinforces and consolidates learning.


🌈 5 Types of Course
1.📚Cantonese Mastery: Comprehensive Textbook & Assignments for All Levels (see below)
2. 🎯香港生活廣東話速成班 🌟 想在香港流利生活,只需三個月學會廣東話! 🌟
(see the bottom)
(For below courses, see the course description page/message me)
3. ✨Cantonese Fluency Accelerator - All-Level Cantonese Speaking Workshop
4. 🌍Cantonese Voyager: Navigate & Connect on Your Travels
5. 🧒Chinese Literacy for self-directed learner : Dive into Characters, Reading, and Writing

📚Cantonese Mastery: Comprehensive Textbook & Assignments for All Levels

🎓 **Track Record**: Based on the success stories of numerous students, our course is a proven platform for Cantonese mastery.

📚 **Effective Learning**:
- 🏗️ Structured study + 📝 Practical assignments = 📈 Improved listening & speaking skills.
- 📖 Many thrive using our suggested textbook.

🔧 **Adaptable Approach**:
- ✂️ Tailored lessons to individual needs.
- 🌟 Offers more than just textbook learning.

🗣️ **Speaking Drills**:
- 📜 Dive deep into 70 key grammar structures.
- 💬 Speak with confidence and clarity.
- 📚 300+ essential vocabulary words to elevate your conversations.

🧐 **Curious about our success formula?** Check my profile for a peek into our teaching methods.

⏱️ **Class Breakdown**:
- 🔍 30%: Building foundational knowledge.
- 💬 70%: Immersive Cantonese practice with repetitive drills.

📘 **Comprehensive Curriculum**: Designed for understanding & practical application of Cantonese grammar.

🔖 **Revision Tools**:
- 🎴 Custom flashcards + 🎧 My audio: Designed for pivotal vocabulary & sentences.
- 🎵 MP3s of vocabulary, dialogues, & exercises await you.

2. 🎯香港生活廣東話速成班
🌟 想在香港流利生活,只需三個月學會廣東話! 🌟


🎯 我的特點:

🌠 學生心得:
“只學了三個月,我已經可以和香港的朋友、同事輕鬆交流,感謝這個課程的幫助!” —— 滿意的學生


🔗Message me~!!

🌆 讓我們一起,開啟你在香港的全新生活!🐉

📚 客製課程 (參考內容)

🎵 基礎語音

🛍️ 日常生活廣東話

常用問候語和表達,例如: 談天氣來交朋友 🌦️
在銀行、郵局和其他公共場所的基本交流 🏦📮
🍜 香港的飲食文化

常見的俚語和慣用語 🗣️
🤝 工作與交際

職場常用詞彙和對話 💼
如何進行商業會議和談判 📊
跨文化交際的注意事項與技巧 🌐
🎭 實戰演練

模擬在香港的日常生活場景 🏙️
通過角色扮演來練習實際的對話 🎤
總結與回顧整個課程的學習內容 📘

✨Cantonese Fluency Accelerator - All-Level Cantonese Speaking Workshop
🤔 **Challenges**:
- ❌ Difficulty finding the right words?
- 🔄 Mixing up sentence structures?
- 🚫 Difficulty in smooth conversations?

🚀 **Our Solution**: Training designed to jump these hurdles!

🎯 **Course Design**:
- 🔍 For those with basic Cantonese knowledge.
- ✨ Aims to refine speaking skills & achieve fluent conversations.
- 🛠️ Uses practical exercises, real-world chats, & dynamic speaking tests.
- 🎤 Target: Perfect pronunciation, vocabulary, & sentence structures.

📖 **Class Snapshot**:
- 🎧 Using Quizlet's flashcards & audio tools on Skype.
- 📜 Specially designed flashcards & notes, crafted in real-time.
- 🗣️ You'll speak approximately 70% of the class time.
- 🕵️ I'll use the remaining 30% to highlight improvement areas (vocabulary, structure, pronunciation).
- 📚 Dive deep into 1-3 essential grammar topics per session.

📞 **Connect**: Share your goals, and I'll guide if this course is your perfect match!

🌍Cantonese Voyager: Navigate & Connect on Your Travels
Course Content:

🌍 Introduction to Traveler's Cantonese

Basics of pronunciation and essential phrases
Common greetings and polite expressions
🛍 Shopping & Bargaining in Cantonese

Asking for prices and sizes
Making purchases and understanding discounts

🍲 Dining & Delicacies

Ordering food and drinks in restaurants and street stalls
Navigating dietary restrictions and preferences
Key vocabulary for popular Cantonese dishes

🚆 Getting Around with Ease

Directions, locations, and transportation-related terms
Navigating bus, train, and taxi interactions
Buying tickets

🏨 Accommodation & Comfort

Booking and checking into hotels, hostels, and guesthouses
Understanding room facilities and asking for amenities
Handling emergencies and special requests

🌟 Cultural Insights & Etiquette

Understanding local customs and traditions
Appropriate behavior in public places, temples, and homes
Key festivals and celebrations travelers might encounter

📞 Real-life role-playing for practical scenarios
🌐 Wrap-Up & Continuing Your Cantonese Journey
Quick strategies to continue practicing while traveling
Recommendations for further Cantonese learning

Join the "Cantonese Voyager" course - a journey of connection, exploration, and unforgettable memories! 🎒🌆

🧒Chinese Literacy for independent learner : Dive into Characters, Reading, and Writing

🌎 Global Interest: Rhe allure of the Chinese language extends beyond just words—it taps into history and cultural richness.

🤔 Curious Minds: Many students approach me, captivated by the origin of Chinese characters. Some even dream of passing this legacy to their children.

📚 Structured Learning:

🧐 Tailored to your proficiency: From HSK to everyday language.
🔍 Dive deep: Explore the intriguing roots of characters.
🧒 Kid-friendly: Lessons designed for both adults and the young ones (coming soon).
🎴 Flashcards: A strategic method to simplify and phase your learning.

📖 Bespoke Materials:

📈 Handpicked textbooks resonating with your pace.
🍜 Real-world touch: Learn from materials like everyday menus.
🖋️ Starting Point: For beginners, we begin with the basics of Chinese writing, including radicals and strokes.

🛠️ Digital Tools: Enhance your learning with online dictionaries and instant translations, fostering self-reliance.

📜 The Journey: Dive into the vast, intricate world of Chinese characters. Every stroke has a story, and I'm thrilled to discover it with you. See you soon! 🚀

🌠 My observations
"The student only studied for three months. He remembered the Chinese characters he had learned before and was able to continue learning step by step. I am very happy to design this course, it is a great help!"

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Our method includes a suitable book, ample resources, and software. Pre-class preparation and in-class oral practice ensure effective learning. Post-class practice consolidates skills.
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2013 - 2011
Master degree in Teaching Chinese to foreigner
Jinan University, Guangzhou - China
2007 - 2011
Bachelor in Applied Psychology,
Hong Kong Polytechnic University - Hong Kong

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