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⭐️Teacher⭐️ Olga⭐️

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Hello! Nice to meet you.

I’m Olga and as a matter of fact I’m an EXCELLENT and PROFESSIONAL RUSSIAN TEACHER (you can check this)😊

Why so❓

⭐ Firstly, I hold a PhD in the Russian Language;as well, I graduated from Saint-Petersburg State University as a certified PROFESSOR of Russian as a foreign language.

⭐Secondly, I know a couple of alternative methods for learning languages (they really work) and shortly, they will help you to speak Russian faster and in more comfortable atmosphere.

⭐Thirdly,I’m a TRKI examiner (a Russian analogue for the Cambridge exams) and have 2 certificates.

⭐Finally, I have 10 YEARS of teaching experience (face-to-face as well), 7 online and 4 abroad.

Do you have questions? Feel free to ask me!


You`ll get

✔️ A FULLY QUALIFIED teacher: PhD + 2 degrees + 2 examiner certificates + 2 training programs on alternative methods.I'm a REAL EXPERT in teaching Russian, who KNOWS how to help you.

✔️I’m a HIGHLY EXPERIENCED teacher: I have already taught over 300 people 5000 LESSONS and and it`s only online statistics and can say at once what it the best way for YOU to study Russian.


✔️I’m a native Russian: you'll have the REAL RUSSIAN ACCENT.

✔️I will give you extensive POSITIVE support! I want to emphasize this point, because for progress in any field this`s the most significant thing!

✔️All teaching materials are FREE: so, you don't pay for anything else beside lessons.

We work TOGETHER to improve YOUR Russian !

Finally, I need to add that I use English for explanations in my lessons and just Russian if your level is B1+

YOU TELL ME what you want to practise and I DO MY BEST to fulfill your needs.

Of course, you have a few options for Russian Courses depending on your goals, such as:

✔️Russian Lessons for Beginners - This course provides you with basic Russian skills.
Each lesson is adjusted to suit your needs, which are identified during the trial session or before the first lesson via messages. For example, you will learn basic sentences, greetings, and how to talk about yourself and daily life. For this I use a variety of materials, including pictures, dialogues, audio and video.
In general, this course will help you to build vocabulary and grammar skills, and you will gain confidence to express your thoughts in Russian on your own. Again, I will provide all the materials, such as textbooks, but if you prefer to send me your own materials, I am willing to use them too.

✔️Russian for Everyday Conversations + a Bit of Grammar (a Communicative Approach).

These are conversational lessons with grammar explanations, corrections and pronunciation practice.
These lessons are suitable for beginner to intermediate learners. With this in mind, they have an emphasis on speaking, and when you arrive at your destination, you can enjoy chatting to the people you meet and be comfortable asking for things you need. In a sixty-minute lesson, it is 45 minutes of conversation and 15 minutes for corrections, feedback and advice. Corrections are provided during each session via Verbling platform. My main goal is that a student speaks 90% of the time!

✔️Russian Grammar for All Levels (a Traditional Approach: A Structured Course with Textbooks).

To clarify, these lessons usually have three parts: questions regarding your homework and self-study, an introduction and an explanation of new grammar and vocabulary, and a conversation for practicing and integrating the new words and grammar rules into speaking. Corrections are provided during each session via Verbling platform.
Of course, the lesson approach will be further adjusted, based on your level of Russian, learning style, short and long-term goals. For sure,I will provide all the materials, such as textbooks, but if you prefer to send me your own materials, I am willing to use them too. My main goal is that a student speaks 80% of the time!

✔️Informal Conversation (B1-C2).

Mostly, Informal conversational lessons give you a chance to practice speaking and listening.
Be aware, free-flowing conversations are about topics of your choice. During the course of conversation, if necessary, I will provide you with useful vocabulary and grammar, which are relevant to our discussion. My main goal is that a student speaks 95% of the time!

YOU TELL ME what type of lessons you need and I DO MY BEST to accommodate your requests.

⏰Have questions? WRITE ME!

PLEASE NOTE: If you are late for a lesson, I will wait 15 minutes for you. If you are more than 15 minutes late, the lesson will not take place, but you will still need to pay for it.

Lesson cancellation policy: 12-hour notice is needed for lessons to be cancelled. If less than 12-hour notice is given, it will still be necessary for you to pay for the lesson, as I will be unable to give your lesson time to another student.

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2016 - 2017
Master`s degree
Saint Petersburg State University - Saint Petersburg
Russian as a foreign language
2004 - 2007
PhD - Russian language and literature
State University - Russian
PhD in Russian Language and Literature


2019 - 2019
PDL ( Psychodramaturgie Linguistique)
private course - Riga
Psychodramaturgie Linguistique (PDL) was conceptualised and developed by Bernard Dufeu in 1977, and has been continuously improved since then. Essential and practical basics of PDL have been borrowed from Psychodrama and Drama principles and processes, and have been specifically adapted for language training.
2019 - 2019
Kitaigorodskaya method for learning foreign languages.
Moscow Kitaigorodskaya school. - Moscow
The method of activating the capabilities of the individual and the team.
2017 - 2017
TRKI examiner (all levels)
Moscow State University - Moscow
TRKI examiner (all levels) for Russian as a foreign language
2016 - 2016
TRKI examiner ( A1-B1)
Saint-Petersburg State University - Saint-Petersburg
TRKI examiner ( A1-B1) for Russian as a foreign language
2009 - 2009
Russian as a foreign language
Peoples' Friendship University of Moscow - Moscow
TEACHING METHODS OF Russian as a foreign language