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Lyn Huang

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My name is Lyn, and I am a teacher with TCSOL certification with 10 years of experience. I have taught more than 7,000 hours online and face to face lessons to adults and children.
I believe that teaching is the most wonderful and important job in the world. I love traveling and getting to know new places and cultures. As a result, teaching foreigners became a way to confront the complexity of this reality. By teaching Chinese to a group of students from diverse backgrounds, I learnt so much in return. Through my lessons with all my students, I have enriched my knowledge of world cultures and traditions, can distinguish between different dialects and regional accents of other countries and understand the differences between other languages and Chinese. Also it gives me motivation to improve my teaching skills and to be better and better at the work I love to do. I have been working with students of different levels from over 20countries such as England, the US, Chile, Brazil, Germany, Russia, Iran, Portugal、the Philippines and ect. I will often use my imagination and creativity to adapt the format of the lesson to help students where they most need it. I also encourage them to inform me of any part of Chinese which they would like to improve or have interest in. My goal is just not to only teach the language but to also teach students about local cultures by acting as a tourist guide and take them around my hometown by introducing historic stories and sharing local foods. Teaching a language is never just a matter of grammar and exercises but it is first of all, to introduce a worldview different from that of the student. I feel that teaching and learning Chinese strengthens the love for the culture of my country, of which I am very proud, and that is what I always hope to be able to transmit. Many of my students want to learn Chinese because of this love for China. Each person has dreams and ambitions, and the teacher just has to give them a little hand to help them to achieve them. This is the reason why I love teaching my language .

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timetable3 anos atrás
class_blackboard0.0 aulas em média




2005 - 2009
B.A. Chinese language and culture
Focus in Chinese cultual, language and literature

briefcaseExperiência profissional

2018 - 2019
Professional teacher
TRANSGO, MANILA - Manila, Phillipines
• Responsible for leading and managing a team of teachers to provide top-notch language teaching services in a medium scale organization. • Designing and managing effective Chinese language course curriculums and actively involved in teaching local business owners, sales agents, customer service representatives in Manila. • Delivering tailored and customized classes by understanding each individual’s needs and requirements and also design group classes based on the composition of the members. • Mentoring and coaching the teachers on applying NLP practices for a practical learning experience. • Engaging the students in role-playing exercises for a fun learning experience with an emphasis on both colloquial and grammatically correct dialogues.
2016 - 2017
Professional teacher
TutorABC - Online
• Delivering world class video lessons on Chinese language and culture
2008 - 2009
Intern teacher
Chongwu Middle School - Quanzhou, Fujian, China
• Teaching foundational Chinese to students between the age of 13 and 19. • Assisting in school administration activities. • Acted as the leader of the Quanzhou University internship team and was also the chief editor of internship magazine
2017 - 0
Professional teacher
Italki - Online
• Delivering world-class video lessons on Chinese language, culture, and arts. • Specialized classes in business and travel Chinese. • Engaging online educational and cultural tours of the cities in China. • Teaching calligraphy and evolution of Chinese characters.


2008 - 0
Rate A,level 2 of mandarin
National Language CommitteeState Language Affairs Commission State Language Work Committee - Fujian, China
Authoritative standard of mandarin certification
2009 - 0
High school Chinese teacher qualification certificate
Education bureau of quanzhou city, Fujian province of China - Fujian, China
A qualification for teaching native Chinese in high schools
2011 - 0
Primary Chinese Language Teacher
International Profession Certification Association - Washington, USA
A qualification for teaching non-native Chinese speakers
2018 - 0
Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) practitioner certification
Confucius Institute Headquarter - California, USA
NLP is the study of communication skills
2017 - 0
Certificate of Teaching Chinese as a Second Language (CTCSOL)
Confucius Institute Headquarter - Beijing,CHINA
A qualification for teaching non-native Chinese speakers