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Can You Complete This Paragraph?

6 months ago
Choose from the following words to fill in the blanks in the paragraph below: about as before behavior between eating first in known more of on over so with
When the European Union began to increase ______ size, several guidebooks appeared, giving advice ______ international etiquette. Europeans realized that they had a lot to learn ______ how to behave ______ their business acquaintances. For example, the British are happy to discuss business matters ______ lunch. The Japanese prefer not to work while ______. The Germans like to discuss business ______ dinner. The French prefer to eat ______ and talk afterward. The Japanese have the strictest rules of social and business _______. Seniority is very important and ______ is the Japanese business card. You must exchange business cards immediately so ______ to establish everyone's status and position. The Americans prefer to be _______ informal. The British are ________ to be reserved. The main topic ________ conversation ________ strangers in Britain is the weather. The fact is, each country has its customs, so, when in Rome, do as the Romans do!


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