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Magda Kopacz

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About Me
Hey there,
My name is Magda and I'm a native English speaker and teacher. I'm from, what we call, the Mitten State -- Michigan. Since the lower peninsula of Michigan is shaped like a mitten, whenever we meet someone new, we like to whip out our palm and use it as a map to show our new acquaintance exactly where our hometown is located. It's an efficient and handy visual aid. Ba Dum Tss!

I was actually raised bilingually, being that my parents are native speakers of Polish. I also lived in Poland and that's where I truly learned the nuances of the language. Thank you, Poland.
So if you speak Polish, I could be a great help to you I'm sure.

My interests include travel, reading, writing, yoga, cooking, playing the guitar and percussion instruments (especially those for Brazilian samba). And last, but not least, I love spending time learning languages and about cultures all over the world. I started with French in high school and Russian in university here, as well as in Russia through a study abroad program; I'm learning Brazilian Portuguese through song because I fell in love with those rhythms years ago; I'm also learning Spanish and hope to immerse myself within it soon by moving to a Spanish-speaking country; most recently, I started learning some Dutch. You see, I have these Dutch friends who are basically native English speakers and I know zero Dutch. This cannot be the case! ;)

Teaching Background
I have been a teacher for eight years now and for six of those I worked in Warsaw, Poland as an English teacher for international children, but privately I also tutored teens and adults. I have had a lot of practice working on my teaching skills including: providing clear explanations, helpful feedback, building an excellent rapport, among other things. I have been exposed to all types of learning needs and developed a strong skill of flexibility and adaptability. I graduated with a bachelor's degree in eduction and earned a teaching certificate, so I have studied many books on theory and teaching methods, but the years of practice are what lead me to develop a deep understanding of the learning process.

Teaching Style
My teaching style involves a balancing act of keeping a relaxed environment while also pushing my students to leave that safe, comfortable space and to challenge themselves. In my lessons the student plays a very active role, practicing and discovering aspects of the language through engaging conversation and activities. Textbooks can also be very helpful but no matter what level you are at we will practice speaking because that is ultimately the goal in learning languages -- to communicate.
All in all, I am here as a guide and as a someone to lean on in times of language-learning trouble. Though, the ultimate goal is to motivate and encourage you enough to eventually take the language learning into your own hands. Your development and progress depends on you. If you make it a habit and are consistent in your practice, you will undoubtedly see the progress.

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American English



2006 - 2012
B.A. Education
Michigan State University - Michigan, USA
Focus in English and Language Arts, TESOL, Russian

briefcaseОпыт работы

2012 - 2018
English Teacher and Form Tutor
International European School of Warsaw - Warsaw, Poland
I taught English and Literacy to students from various language backgrounds. I also taught other subjects in English at the basic level including Numeracy, Science, History, Geography, PSHE, and Art.
2012 - 0
Private Tutoring
Warsaw, Poland; Michigan, USA
In Poland I also work as an English language tutor for children, teens, and adults. At present, I continue to work with students in Michigan.

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