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Sara Valencia

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Hi! I´m Sara María, and I was born in Valencia (Spain), but now I´m living in Madrid for 11 years. Teaching Spanish is my passion, and I´m also interested in understanding the world we are living in today, so I like to read the newspapers and to be informed about the politics, the economic and social issues, because I do mind the people that are behind that news all over the world. I also like to listen Podcast and to watch documentaries about History or any other subject. I like dancing and I have been singing in choirs since I was a child, I love to sing many kinds of music, but I prefer opera. I go to my home city, Valencia, as much as I can, and I love to spend a complete day next to the beach to have a walk, to think or to meet my friends, as we have sunny time there even in wintertime!

Teaching style

I'm a dedicated, skilled and professional Spanish Teacher with 10 years of experience in teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language and as a First Language, working with students and teachers in diverse multi-cultural learning environment helping them to discover new horizons of working or academic opportunities, enjoy travel experiences and communicate with new Spanish speakers from all around the world.

What do I offer:

· Individualized attention, lessons tailored to your needs and learning rhythm.
· Speaking Spanish from day one, even if you don't know a single word.
· Lessons based on communicative approach, in a relaxed and nice atmosphere. We will have fun!
· I provide professional materials as books, exercises with keys, audios, grammar schemes and more for a better self-study.
· Lessons will be taught entirely in Spanish unless English support is requested.
· Interactive materials, proffesional and self-made activities, and games fully adapted to an online learning.
· I will show you about many resources (apps, videos, podcast, music) you can use to maximise your learning, to learn and enjoy.
· For every lesson done you can write a composition, and I will correct it before the next lesson.
· I make sure my students get results in all fields (grammar, pronunciation, vocabulary, fluency

I teach:

· All levels
· Conversation lessons about any topic or focusing on the subjects you are more interested in.
· Spanish Culture
· We can work with News and Media (everything but sports, sorry!)
· Lessons for old term students
· Lessons with a specific (formal or informal) purpose: Job interviews, traveling, reading Hispanic Literature, studying at University in Spanish, understanding the media, to communicate at work with clients or with the family and friends of your Spanish partner... ;) And learning to meet new friends!


· Innovative lesson planning and creativity in teaching through interactive learning in a positive and supportive atmosphere.
· Extremely computer and Internet literate with excellent internet connection (optic fiber).
· Experienced in creating effective online lesson plans for a variety of students.
· Extensive knowledge of the theory, principles and methods of second-language acquisition.
· Ability to speak, read and write English language to facilitate the communication.
· Comprehensive knowledge of the tools and methods to generate effective teaching and learning activities in teaching grammar, speaking, writing, reading, listening comprehension and Spanish culture with fluent and clear Castilian accent (the Spanish Standard).
· Dynamic and personalized guidance, focusing on individual needs.
· Strong knowledge and cultural awareness of Spanish-speaking cultures throughout the world.

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Castilian Spanish



2009 - 2012
Official Master's Degree in Spanish Language, Hispanic Literature and Spanish as a Foreign Language for the Spanish education system.
Universidad de Alcalá - Alcalá de Henares (Madrid), Spain
This master prepared me to teach in the Oficial Spanish High Schools, Universities and Official Language Schools.
2010 - 2011
Official MA as an Expert in teaching Spanish as a foreign Language
Universidad de Alcalá - Alcalá de Henares (Madrid), Spain
This Master, certified by the EU, complete the requirements for teaching in all the European Countries, and allowed me to improve my teaching skills.
2006 - 2009
Masters Degree in Spanish as a Second Language
Universidad de Alcalá - Alcalá de Henares (Madrid), Spain
I left my home city to study this Masters degree to specialize on Spanish teaching due to its prestige, it is considered one of the best Universities in this field, and the master was one of the oldest ones in Spain (since 1994).
1998 - 2006
Graduated in Journalism
Universidad Cardenal Herrera Oria - Valencia, Spain
My passion about communication, my will to master the Spanish language in its different forms (writing style in many forms and contexts, speaking skills at radio or TV), and my need of having a general knowledge of the world we are living (politics, literature, economics,history, philosophy) lead me to study Journalism, only to discover that I could use all that knowledge and skills to help to the people interested to understand, learn and enjoy about Spanish Language, culture and lifestyle, so they can take what they like and live the best of our culture as a part of their life.

briefcaseОпыт работы

2009 - 0
Instituto Cervantes DELE official trainer and member of the Examine-Board
Instituto Cervantes - Madrid, Spain
As a Cervantes Institute accredited trainer since 2009, I teach courses at different levels to prepare my students for the Spanish as a Foreign Language diploma. I have also been administering the exam many times a year until now as a part of the Examine-Board.
2007 - 0
Spanish Teacher
Escuela Internacional de Idiomas Enforex (Private Language School Acredited by Instituto Cervantes) - Madrid, Spain
I have been teaching in this Academy since 2007 as a full time teacher until March 2016, now I work as a part time there so I can work as a freelance. In this place I have been working with students of all the world and very different ages and background, so I have learnt a lot day by day about my job and my student´s needs.
2014 - 0
Spanish Teacher
United Nations World Tourism Organization - Madrid, Spain
I teach to the UN staff, taking into account their different cultural background and learning styles. They travel very often, so I use with them on line platforms as Edmodo to work. The use of audiovisual material is very important for them. I need to focus on communication needs (e.g.correspondence, e-mails, calls, presentations, etc.), and other language applications at UNTWO.

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