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Myrsini Theodorou

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“Teaching is one of those rare professions that keeps your brain young”

“Hello, my name is Myrsini Theodorou and I am 32 years old. I am a native Greek speaker and I teach Ancient Greek, Modern Greek and Latin. I speak fluently the Greek and English language, on a basic level the Italian language and at the moment I am having Russian lessons on B1 level. I would love to educate you and share my culture through our time together. I am currently offering a free initial trial lesson for new students.”

I was born and grew up in Cyprus, a small but very pretty and with a great history island in the Eastern Mediterranean. I currently live in Limassol. I work as a secretary in a Construction company in the morning and as a Greek tutor in the afternoons. My experience, patience and method guide and help me to respond to any of my students, regardless of age and nationality. I have already taught people of different ages and from different countries; and to be honest this is one of the main reasons that I love this profession.
I am a foodlover😊 and I also enjoy anything that has to do with music, dance,fitness and reading books and articles. Travelling and learning each country’ s language and culture is one of my favourite hobbies. My belief is that only if you meet the country, you will get to understand the mentality of the language.
My passion for the Greek language led me to create a Facebook page, which includes common mistakes of the language, some tips, the origin of public phrases and offers proofreading.

I have studied Modern Greek and Medieval Philology, which included Ancient Greek, Latin, Glossology, Phonology and Paedagogical Teaching Approaches at the University of Ioannina, Greece. I graduated on 2008 and at the same year I continued for my postgraduated diploma in the same educational field. During 2011, I participated in a 6-month student-placement programme working on the professors’ projects at King’ s College London. That was one of my best memorable experiences.
Teaching is one of those rare professions that keeps your brain young, allowing you to continue your own journey as a student and a lifelong learner. As soon as I realised that, I started attending seminars in the field of education, psychology and teaching methods in order to enable student learning.
I have been teaching Greek Literature, Ancient Greek, Latin and History from 2012 as a private tutor to Greek students after school and also Modern Greek as a second language to foreigners of all ages, especially adults for any purpose. So, either you want to learn Greek professionally getting the certificate either for a personal reason or if you just love learning languages and Greek is one of them, I am here and I am looking forward to meeting you.

Each student is a new challenge to me, thus one of my targets initially is to find out which teaching approach is the best for him/her. Being also a student at the current time (as I am having Russian lessons) gives me simultaneously the advantage to see through each student’s eyes his/her needs and expectations and the difficulties that he/she may encounter.
However learning a language could and should be both fun and productive. At the beginning we will deal with phonology, the sound and pronunciation of letters and their combinations. Then, we will gradually start learning vocabulary, grammar and syntax through a lot of texts. Speaking and listening are the sections I insist on the most. Of course, this procedure depends on the level of each student and his will to learn. For this reason, I always arrange a pre-lesson meeting in order to discuss about the level, the time invested and the interests of the student.
I am a professional and well-organized. I teach using a wide variety of books and online material. I have patience, understanding and I always encourage my students to try more and more. Last but not least, I am a big fan of revision because I believe that everything repeated will be learnt at the end.
So I hope and I suppose that now you’ve met me. If you also want to get to know each other and discuss about having Greek lessons with me please feel free to contact me. You have nothing to lose.

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2017 - 2017
Russian Cultural Centre - Nicosia, Cyprus
Russian Language, A2 Level
2011 - 2011
Master's Degree, LLP/Erasmus Placement
King's College - London, UK
Research, Editorial work
2008 - 2010
Master's Degree
University of Ioannina - Ioannina, Greece
Medieval Greek Philology
2004 - 2008
Bachelor's Degree
University of Ioannina - Ioannina, Greece
Modern Greek Studies

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