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Bridget MacAvoy

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Hello, and welcome to my profile! My name is Bridget, and I'm a native English speaker from New York City, USA. Maybe you've heard of it? :) Right now, I live in Saint Petersburg, Russia, where I teach English as a foreign language to Russian adult students. Because of this, most of my experience has been with teaching Russian students, but I can of course work with students of any nationality!

My qualifications:
-Experience teaching English as a foreign language in person and online (1 year)
-TEFL-certified (120 hours)
-Bachelor of Arts Degree in English and Russian Language and Literature
-Worked in editing/publishing for ~3 years (so I know all about the annoying grammar points people get wrong!)

So, why should you choose me as your English teacher? First, I use the communicative method, which means I want YOU to speak as much as possible throughout the lesson. To do this, I like to choose topics that are the most interesting for YOU, and build a course plan around those. Many polyglots suggest choosing one specific goal to focus on at a time when learning a language. For example, if you watch a lot of Japanese anime programs and want to be able to discuss them with a Japanese speaker, you should start by learning the vocabulary used most often in the show(s). It works the same with English. If you want to learn how to talk about current events, we will read articles, listen to news programs, and have discussions about these topics. If you want to learn how to conduct a business negotiation, we will do that instead of learning the names of every animal in the Amazon rainforest! General or business English, current events or superhero movies -- we will discuss whichever topics are most important to you.

In addition to my approach to vocabulary, I believe grammar should be taught in context as well. My goal is to show you that English grammar really isn't that complicated! As long as we break it down into small pieces, it's easy and even fun (sometimes). The more often you repeat something incorrectly, the more difficult it is to fix the mistake, so we will focus on correcting errors early and working on your own specific grammar issues.

Because of my degree in literature, I also love using poetry, short stories, and even some movies/TV shows to discuss vocabulary, language, and grammar. If using literature to learn sounds interesting, I am definitely the teacher for you!

Whatever specific challenges, problems, or goals you have with English, I want to help you achieve them! I'm very excited to meet you. See you in the lessons!

Attending class on time is your responsibility. If you miss class or are excessively late for any reason without a warning at least 12 hours in advance, I will not issue a refund for the price of the class. (I will wait 15 minutes for you to arrive to a lesson before leaving.) Preparing for and attending classes takes time, and it's a bit disrespectful to miss class without warning and expect a refund. I'm sorry if any of this sounds harsh, but unfortunately I must keep this policy. :(

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American English



2013 - 2017
B.A. English; B.A. Russian Language & Literature
Rutgers University - New Jersey, USA
Summa Cum Laude; Phi Beta Kappa

briefcaseОпыт работы

2017 - 2019
Editorial Assistant
Fairchild Books - New York City, New York
Assisted editorial, sales, and marketing teams in publishing high-quality academic textbooks.
2016 - 0
Freelance Editor
Copyediting, proofreading, developmental (content) editing, and copywriting on a freelance basis.
2018 - 0
English Teacher
LingvoExpert Language School - Saint Petersburg, Russia
Teaching English to both individual students and group courses at all levels from Pre-Intermediate to Advanced.


2018 - 2019
Teaching English as a Foreign Language
International TEFL Academy - Online
TQUK Level 5 Certificate in Teaching English as a Foreign Language

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