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Bonjour ! Hi there! Here’s what you need to know about my experience and my teaching methods:

I have a Masters Degree from the University of Nice, France to become a teacher
I’ve worked as a French Instructor and Translator in an Oficial Government School of Languages and in a public high school in the city of Murcia, Spain, for 2 years, as well as for a US based nonprofit.
I’ve provided private clases and tutoring sessions in French to a wide range of students, with various ages and diverse profiles, including, French lessons to both Spanish and English speaking learners as well as literature and composition classes (i.e. language arts) to high school students in France
I’ve translated diverse marketing, legal and other materials for local and international enterprises in various industries (tourism, program development, etc.)

I fully adapt my teaching styles to your needs, goals, and interests.

If my student is young, I’ve got material handmade for playful, interactive, and (relatively) informal clases, including various games, songs, and other activities for fun learning.
If you’re a bit older and there’s French homework you need a little extra help in or there’s something your teacher said/explained that you didn’t understand?? We’ll go through it together. We’ll look at it, clarify it, and do some exercises to build your confidence for when your final exam comes! Sometimes, teachers in high school or college don’t take time to go into detail or over some points for those who fall behind. I’m here for you!
If you’ve never had French classes before, or you’ve forgotten what you had learned long before, we’re going to learn (or go back) to basics together, that is to say, practice grammar. It may sound ugly, but it isn’t. I’ve got interactive presentations to teach and explain specific grammar points and subjects. Then, we’ll go over the theory together and we’ll do some exercises to make sure you got it all. Obviously, each lesson will leave you with a little bit of vocabulary so that you can start speaking a little bit of French right away!
If you’re actively learning, we’ll customize each lesson to meet your needs and any gaps in grammar knowledge
If you’ve got an advanced level (b2-c2) and only want to practice some competencies in French (oral,writing,listening) we can do that too, with sessions based upon your personal interests. Any theme can be a pretext to have you practice your French: pop culture, music, TV series, movies, cooking, sports… or… Would you rather talk about politics, philosophy, environment, society? Well, bring it on!
For enterprises and their employees, according to their objectives and focuses, we can be sure to help you customize your learning to your industry and professional context. We'll learn to write emails, resumes/curriculums, marketing material, legal documents and more. All of these initiatives can be supported by my knowledge of and experience in professional translation.

But regardless of your level:
You knew it before you registered on the platform, choosing private clases means choosing a personalised approach, so that each individual can learn to their rhythm. We all don’t use the same mechanisms to assimilate languages; but the important thing is, in the end, we reach our learning objetives.
Learning a language doesn’t have to be boring. Sometimes, the only thing you need to stop making mistakes, or improve, are mnemonic tricks, methodological backup, and more that you don’t have yet. As a fluent English and Spanish speaker, I realised some tricks that make learning easier. You’d be surprised at how much that makes a difference!
Accept that we all have the right to make mistakes as the first step to jumpstarting our will to improve. There have been no previous French learning fears that I couldn’t erase with patience, humor, motivation and a fun time.

Don’t take my word for it. Book a free trial and see for yourself!

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2019 - 2017
Masters in Hispanic Studies
University Nice - Sophia Antipolis - Nice, France
Focus in Litterature and Linguistics

briefcaseОпыт работы

French language instructor
EOI Murcia - IES Alfonso X - Murcia, Spain
2018 - 2019
French language instructor
EOI Murcia - Murcia, Spain

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