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Kristen Stokes

12:03 PM (GMT+01:00)

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Personal Profile:

I am an outgoing person who loves meeting new people and learning new things each day. I am originally from Florida but now reside in Berlin, Germany. I have lived abroad for a little over 6 years. In addition to language instruction, I am a working musician and artist. I produce electronic music, graphic design, & new media art. I have background knowledge in a wide range of topics and am always looking forward to new experiences.

Me as a Teacher:

I started teaching English in 2015, after getting my TEFL and CELTA certifications. At that time, I was living in Asia and teaching to a variety of ESL learners using various teaching methods. About two years ago, I started teaching English online and have since then taught over 1400 lessons. This has helped me to understand how to effectively use Skype, the Internet, and computer-based communication tools for the purpose of teaching English.

My Lessons & Teaching Style:

One of my main goals is to prepare my students for real-life scenarios. To accomplish this, I use articles, videos, and podcasts as modern teaching materials to spark the interest of the students, to discuss, trending topics, and to learn new phrases/vocabulary. In addition to new concepts, we also practice grammar, topic transitions, and storytelling techniques. Combining both of these methods, I prepare my students for traveling, relocation, proficiency exams, and everyday life. If you have a specific goal in mind, please let me know, and I will design lessons catered to your needs.


Yana, From Russia /
'Kristen is friendly and has a great sense of humor. She is flexible and can maintain conversations on a rang of topics. If you want to learn English in a relaxed atmosphere, Kristen will be a good choice .'

Aaron from Korea /
'Now finishing our 10th children's English session - Kristen has been extremely engaging, fun, enthusiastic, all the while immersing in English with daughter (age almost 7). You can have fun and learn at the same time.

André from Brazil /
Kristen was very helpful and gave me a lot of useful tips and hints, which supported me during my exam prep. My wife and I worked with Kristen to prepare for the IELTS and we both received a band score 7.5.

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timetable4 года назад
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Опыт и знания в обучении

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American English



2008 - 2011
Bachelor of Fine Arts
School of the Art Institute of Chicago - Chicago, US
Focus in Visual and Critical Studies

briefcaseОпыт работы

2016 - 2017
Secondary English Teacher
Panyaprateep School - Khao Yai, Thailand
Full-time teacher at an alternative school where I prepared content-driven lesson plans that incorporated technology, hands-on experiences, and project-based learning. I taught 9-12th grade CLIL method English courses, as well as academic exam preparation, such as IELTS + TOEFL.
2015 - 2015
Camp Director & Instructor
Maple Valley Nature Camp - Ruifang, Taiwan
A small group and I created an ecological literacy curriculum for an experiential English learning nature camp. Young learners developed vocabulary, listening, + speaking skills while participating in wilderness survival activities.
2015 - 2015
Continuing Education Teacher
Austronesian Community College - Taitung, Taiwan
I used experiential learning techniques to teach weekend-long permaculture workshops where learners practiced English vocabulary building, conversation + vocational skills.
2009 - 2011
Resumé Writer
Resumental - Chicago, US
Crafted well-written, effective, and visually pleasing professional documents for workers from all backgrounds, artists to managing directors.
2016 - 0
Freelance English Teacher
Independent - Berlin, Germany / Online
I take a multi-media approach to second language instruction, teaching learners ages 8 -50 with CEFR levels A2-C2, with about 1400 hours of teaching one-on-one lessons, I prepare topic-driven courses that are customized to each student’s needs and interests for the purposes of relocation, professional development, and language proficiency exams.


2015 - 2015
TEFL Certification
TEFL Express UK - Taipei, Taiwan / Online
This 160-hour online TEFL course was a thorough introduction to teaching English, with specialist modules in teaching young learners & business English
2015 - 2015
CELTA Certification
Language Resources - Kobe, Japan
This full-time CELTA course covering the essential skills and knowledge needed to teach English to adults and older teenagers. Hands-on teaching practice and observation of experienced teachers, with 120 contact hours

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