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Mark Taylor

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*PLEASE SEND ME A MESSAGE WHEN OR BEFORE YOU BOOK YOUR FIRST CLASS and let me know about your reasons for studying English, goals, etc. This will give me a better idea about who you are and what you need and if we are a good match**

Hi Guys! My name is Mark Taylor. I am a professional English language instructor from the United States. I have been teaching ESL for 10 years in the United States and in Asia. I have a lot of experience teaching people from all nationalities and age groups and I'm looking forward to meeting you very soon!

Many of my students now are professionals or college students who are looking to improve themselves and their English for a variety of different reasons. What I do is very simple. I help my students find ways to communicate more effectively. I do this by creating a relaxed and comfortable environment that will make it easy for you to share your thoughts, ideas and opinions using English. Many of you out there are doing business in English speaking environments and others are already living or planning on living in countries where a good command of the English language will be necessary. That's why it's important to make sure that you are spending your time and money with a professional and experienced teacher who can help you get the results you are looking for.

I have a proven and tested method that I use to help my students reach a higher level of fluency. I am very proud of my method and all of the success of my past and current students and would love to share it with you. I will teach you common sense English and I'll show you how to apply it to your everyday English life. I will also teach you how to sound more natural in any environment that requires you to speak English.

Taking a course with me is not only beneficial for language learning. Many of my students have found that working with me is great for overall self-improvement in areas such as confidence, self-expression and self-esteem. My classes are designed in a way that allows you to do most of the talking so you will develop more confidence in yourself and your English in a short period of time.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions so that we can arrange a time to talk about your goals as well as your strengths and weaknesses and we can go from there. Remember, investing in yourself is the best investment that can be made! Let’s get started today.

Gelora United States
— May 5, 2016
Been studying English for a long time and I still didn’t really have confidence in myself and my speaking. I was always afraid of making a lot of mistakes. Living in the states doesn't necessarily mean I will be able to speak English well without being taught by a teacher. Lately, after taking so many classes with Mark, I realized that I have more confidence in my spoken English because I’m able to speak faster and more fluently and I’m able to communicate with foreigners without being so nervous. I’m happy when I see all my friends speaking English because now I feel much more comfortable being part of the conversation. Of course it depends on who your teacher is. It’s definitely worth the $$ for the right one to help you make more $$$ in the future.... thanks teacher mark ^_*

Jing Singapore
— May 6, 2016
Last year I started looking for an English teacher to help me with my spoken English in daily life. I was sooooo lucky I found Teacher Mark . I had never had an online English class before I met Mark. When I had a trial lesson with Mark the first time I was so satisfied and he gave me so much confidence. So far I’ve taken about 50 classes with Mark. I think working with Mark is the best decision I could have made. It’s definitely an efficient way to learn English and the most important thing is Mark is very professional and has lots of experience. He is so observant that he always can find out my weakness and know what I need. He encourages me to talk more and more instead of just lecturing and I was surprised to discover that I improved a lot after working with Mark for just a few months. My oral English is much more fluent and natural and the mistakes are less and less because he always focuses on my mistakes and corrects me. Also he always can find many kinds of enjoyable and appealing topics and inspire me. You never need to be worried about there not being anything to talk about. What I gained was not only the language itself but I also learned about different cultures and customs which opened my mind. He is a very easy-going person. I feel very comfortable and confident in his class. Actually, our relationship is more like very close friends rather than teacher and student. I highly recommend Mark to anyone who wants to learn English efficiently or just build more confidence in their existing English. Learn smart not just learn hard.

Cheung Hong Kong SAR China
— September 1, 2015
First time tried on line English lesson, I was impressed! First of all, the most important thing is I found a good teacher for my 5 years old son! Mark is experienced in teaching child which is hardly to found among those Verbling tutors. I am glad that I found Mark finally! My son learnt much more than I expected within the 30min trial lesson! Mark is friendly and professional. It's very easy to catch his teaching even for a non native English speaker child. After all, the most valuable comment from my son to Mark is: I found the lesson is interesting and I like teacher Mark!

Ricardo Brazil
— September 1, 2015
Mark is an excellent teacher. He gave me a lot of examples to make the new idioms easier to understand. He is very patient and very professional. I'd like to recommend his classes for everyone! Great teacher!

Logic Taiwan
— June 1, 2016
Mark has years of English teaching experience in terms of one-on-one and large group of people.Besides professional teaching, the way he taught is also interesting and entertaining. Most important of all, the teaching materials he prepared are very practical and useful. I would like to take more of his lessons!

bruno France
— August 4, 2015
I had a few lessons with Mark, and I have to say he's the best teacher I had, by far. He immediately feels what you need, what you like to talk to, and how to manage the conversation. I particularly enjoy the way he teaches. I have these nice and relax talk with him, while he constantly watches for your mistakes, corrects them, finds the words you miss, and adds them right to the message board beside your video chat. It's fun and so efficient! Without a doubt, my conversational english will dramatically improve with Mark. Keep up the good work!

Alexandre Brazil
— May 23, 2015
I just have to say that Mark is a great teacher. The class atmosphere was warming and welcoming. He is a particular guy because he payed attentions to all my mistakes and correct them didactically. He is understandable and I highly recommend him. You will not regret it. Mark is a good-natured guy !!! Alexandre, São Paulo - Brazil.

Marcello United Kingdom
— June 11, 2015
Mark is great!! He is professional, prepared and a confident builder. A very nice person. I booked and attended ten class with him. My goal was to acquire confidence with my speaking skills in order to be prepared for a Job interview. He prepared a customized plan for me based on my needs and .. It was great!!! I recommend him to everybody. Thanks Mark!

Amr Saudi Arabia
— May 7, 2016
Mark is a very motivative, friendly and professional tutor. I enjoyed my trial session with him the most, as he was supportive. I strongly recommend him for any one wants to learn English online through a very professional and supportive tutor. And definitely, I will consider having more classes with him.

Ksenia Russia
— August 31, 2015
Just finished my trial lesson with Mark! That was my first experience with online English lessons and I LOVED every minute of it. I was worried we wouldn't find any topic to talk about, but now it feels like we've known each other for years. It's awesome and it's what I look for not only in teachers but in people in general. Can't wait for our next lesson!

Anastasia Russia
— September 1, 2015
Mark is a really great teacher! He's friendly and helpfull and have a very interesting lessons with him! if you're looking for an english teacher he is the best.

Claudia United States
— May 19, 2016
Mark is very professional and I like a lot that he corrects me, even little details, that in my opinion makes the difference.

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