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Darrell Berg-Smith

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The 3 E’s . . . . . Educate - Enlighten - Entertain

Through my stamina and abilities, I am known to make classes interesting and fun, so as to get the best results from each student. As a highly skilled and university educated teaching professional, I possess extensive educational qualifications, combined with a wealth of teaching experience, over 3 decades. I have gained a wide range of knowledge and experience that will allow me to contribute toward your success. With each student my great passion is to demonstrate special learning methods that make learning English easier, quicker and more empowering. Students are usually amazed, and wonder why they were not shown this earlier.

My teaching experience includes English teaching to students of all ages (K – 12, university, adult, business and professional) from diverse academic, socioeconomic, and cultural backgrounds, using a variety of classroom technologies. I have also excelled in specialist training in Business English and Medical English, and continue to write for Fortune 500 companies internationally. I measure student learning outcomes, develop curriculum, assess and improve student learning and evaluate course efficacy. I strive to cultivate an interactive environment in which students can express themselves freely and gain confidence, while learning to engage in meaningful ways. I am familiar with integrated multimedia, and have used instructional technology to enhance an inspiring teaching approach to my teaching. I am firmly dedicated to the education of individual students, as well as general audiences.

My grеаtеѕt ѕtrеngthѕ inсludе: being particularly reliable, being patient, always trustworthy and compassionate. I fоѕtеr ѕtrоng relationships with students of all ages, аnd fасilitаtе intеgrаtiоn of initiatives designed tо enhance the learning еnvirоnmеnt.


High School and Agencies
 Taught English as a full time teacher to 450 students at a prestigious private school in Bangkok (Khemasiri Memorial School) during the May 2010 – March 2011 school year.
 Taught private English lessons for agencies in Bangkok, (primarily BCC).
 English teaching classes with agencies amounted to over 1,000 hours in 2010 - 2011.
 Became the most popular English teacher at the school, winning 3 awards, and assisted many other English teachers at the school.
 Edited all of the English language publications produced by the school, including the school magazine.
 Developed a new system for assisting students with their writing when applying for international exchange student programs and scholarships.

I have a business background and started conducting speaking engagements, seminars and classes from early in my career since 1992. My popularity as a leader in seminars quickly grew and teaching small and large seminars have been a regular feature of my entire career.
 Written professionally for 20 years and I am a published author.
 Write material for a number of large corporations primarily in North America.
 Given many classes in writing and communicating for business.
 Write and edit professionally for corporations and individuals around the world.
 Published 2 more books in 2018, which include; Public Speaking and the other is on the topic of young people becoming successful in Asia.

ALIS International School, Phnom Penh, Cambodia 2016 – 2017

 Grade 4 and Grade 5 All subjects in English, including: Reading, Listening, Grammar, Speaking, Public Speaking, Science, Geography, Maths and Health.

Universities – Masters’ degree students – (Master of Education 2012 – 2016
BELTEI International University, Phnom Penh
Khemarak University, Phnom Penh

BELTEI International School - Level 12 ESL - Cambodia 2011 – 2016
 Taught level 12 full time students at this school during the day and part time adults and school students in the evening for 6 years.
 Assessed individual students grasp of grade-level appropriate English speaking and comprehensive abilities.
 Provided language lesson plans that supported various learning-styles.

BCC - Bangkok, Thailand – small classes and private tuition – ESL 2010 – 2011
BCC is an agency in Bangkok that finds teachers for schools and operates its own classes in its 3 offices in Bangkok. They provided me with the full time position at Khemasiri Memorial School.
 Taught many other classes with them in the evenings and on weekends.
 Commended for ability to redirect students exhibiting behavior problems. Selected to lead district-wide in-service on classroom management.
 Taught over 1,000 hours of classes with them, in addition to my full time teaching at Khemasiri Memorial School.
 Developed innovative approaches that were held as the model standard for meeting district goals in technology integration across the curriculum, experiential learning, literacy and diversity areas.
 Identify students prior work history in determining skill-sets to provide more individualized lesson plans.

Khemasiri Memorial School – Private School – Bankok, Thailand 2010 – 2011
This school has approximately 3,500 students and is directly associated with the Thai Royal family. It was a remarkable experience and I was very sad to leave. I also coached the owners’ daughter. Classes taught were:
 Evaluated performance and developed learning objectives for the students.
 Developed trust and rapport with children, providing assistance to teachers and engaging students in learning activities and positive behaviors to optimize their understanding of lessons.

CEO – Owner and Founder 2000 – 2010
 Immediately picked up reputation as one of a kind organizer of minimal effort high effect advertising systems, later known as "Guerilla Marketing.
 Utilized open talking and courses as a prime advertising apparatus for the organization.
 Propelled the little known theory of CAUSE RELATED MARKETING into all advertising designs with a view to additionally propel the advantages to the not-for-profit part.

CEO – Owner and Founder 1992 - 2000
 Responsible for product roadmap regarding new concepts for future enhancements and features.
 Conducted market research and created an in-depth competitive analysis.
 Effectively put value subsidizing (funding) in more than 42 organizations.
 Rapidly built up an ability for pubic talking on numerous subjects, and created notoriety in directing courses for instructing senior officials on different issues of leadership, showcasing, PR and self-improvement.
 Exhibited remarkable capacity to break down and structure hierarchical methodologies and showcasing plans in new and interesting ways that stay important today.

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Опыт и знания в обучении

Выше начального
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American English
Australian English



2017 - 2018
Master of Education (TESOL) - Honours
University of Tasmania - Hobart, Tasmania, Australia
Teaching Degree
1993 - 1997
Bachelor of Business (Accounting and Marketing)
University of Technology, Sydney - Sydney, NSW, Australia
Business degree

briefcaseОпыт работы

2016 - 2017
English Teacher, Assistant Principal
ALIS International School - Phnom Penh, Cambodia
K- 12 English Teacher, Deputy Principal
2011 - 2016
BELTEI International School - Phnom Penh, Cambodia
Level 12 ESL English teacher
2011 - 2013
English Lecturer
Khemarak University - Phnom Penh, Cambodia
Master of Education in English
2010 - 2011
BCC English Language School - Bangkok, Thailand
English Tutor for K-12, University students and business professionals
2010 - 2011
Khemasiri Memorial School - Bangkok, Thailand
Secondary School English Teacher
2006 - 0
Writer, Editor, Proofreader
DBS Worldwide Marketing - New York, USA
Senior writer and editor - Special Projects


2012 - 2012
TEFL Certification
TEFL Professional Development Institute - Hampshire, England
Teaching English as a Foreign Language 120 hour Certification

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