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Roberta Leva

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Ciao a tutti sono Roberta, insegnante di Italiano per stranieri con certificazione DITALS II (Università per Stranieri di Siena) e abito in un piccolo paese sul lago di Monate, distante da Milano solo 40 min di auto.

Svolgo questa professione dal 2016 sia in presenza che in e-learning/online. Sono specializzata nell'insegnamento a giovani e ad adulti che vogliono imparare l'italiano per studio, per lavoro, per vivere qui o che semplicemente hanno una forte passione per l'Italia e la sua cultura.
L’obiettivo delle lezioni non sarà imparare l’italiano “in generale” ma imparare l'italiano in base alle necessità dello studente. Le lezioni saranno quindi personalizzate e costruite sulla base del livello linguistico, dello stile di apprendimento e degli argomenti di maggiore interesse.
La lezione è in genere strutturata attorno ad un testo da leggere, un audio ascolto o un video che servirà sia come stimolo di conversazione che come studio della grammatica. Fornisco inoltre del materiale per poter esercitare l'apprendimento a casa.

Inoltre, lavorando presso una Onlus come consulente per richiedere i documenti necessari a vivere in Italia, offro aiuto per la preparazione dell’esame di livello B1 obbligatorio per richiedere la cittadinanza italiana.

Hey there, my name is Roberta. I am an Italian native speaker, and language teacher with a DITALS II certification from Siena University. I live in Italy in a lovely little town called Monate near a small lake of the same name, just 40 minutes by car from Milan.

I have been working as an Italian teacher since 2016, offering both traditional and e-learning/online classes. I am specialized at teaching young people and adults who want to study Italian for a variety of different reasons: work, education, residency or simply for a love of Italy and its culture.
The aim of the lessons will not be learning generic Italian but to learn Italian according to the needs of every student. Each lesson will be personalized and designed to match students’ interests, linguistic level and learning style.
Every lesson will be planned around a text, which could either be a written piece, an audio segment or a video that will be used as a focal point for both communication and grammatical study. I will provide students with all of the teaching materials used in class that can later be used for homework and self – study.

Finally, as a result of my volunteer position as a documents advisor for immigrants, I can help students to prepare for the B1 level Italian language exam, which is necessary to apply for Italian citizenship.

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2010 - 2014
Master Degree in Anthropological and Ethnological Sciences
Bicocca University - Milan
Cultural Anthropology, Geography, Linguistic and Political History and Culture outside Europe in particular the Middle East and Africa

briefcaseОпыт работы

L2 Italian language courses both traditional and e-learning/online classes.
ILC School - Developoing Goals SRL - Varese
L2 Italian language courses both individual and class groups (3 - 8 people), intensive and longterm, with learners of different geographical origin and with different training needs. Learners' profile: adolescents, au-pairs, Erasmus students, workers in the process of transferring and / or family members, senior students in Italy for pleasure.
2016 - 2017
European FAMI Project for non-EU Citizens Integration
CPIA di Varese 1 - Samarate, Council Library
Italian L2 class course (15 students) for non-EU adult citizens.


2017 - 2018
DITALS II - Italian language teaching certificate L2 and LS
University for Foreigners of Siena - https://www.unistrasi.it/2/532/2762/DITALS_centre.htm - Milano
DITALS Level II certifies an advanced teaching competence in Italian as a Foreign Language, whatever the context and learner profile.
2015 - 2016
IELTS B2- The International English Language Testing System
British Council, IDP: IELTS Australia and Cambridge University - Milano
IELTS General Training - measures English language proficiency in a practical, everyday context. The tasks and tests reflect both workplace and social situations.

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