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Sissi刘天娇 Liu

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Hello! I offer instantly tutoring!
I'm a professional teacher online with three years of teaching experience .I taught in Thailand over a year.Sometimes I offer instantly tutoring. I teach beginners HSK in Harbin Engineering University at part time.I can also give you oral Chinese lessons if you are middle-level or advanced.I am good at teaching business Chinese as my second major is economy .I recorded videos for Confucius Institute Online to introduce Chinese culture and received an IPA intermediate certificate at 2014.I have got high level of mandarin certificate and I live in Harbin where people speak the most standard mandarin. Harbin is the hometown of many comperes in CCTV.
****It matters a lot what region your teacher comes from, each region has it's own strong characteristics. Finding a teacher with a standard accent is very important, because imitation is the first step in learning. If your Chinese teacher's accent is very standard, then you can successfully start the right path to learning Chinese .I suggest you checking their mandarin certificate.
****The first thing I do with new students is to spend time listening to you, listening to your language learning goals, your likes and dislikes, learning about your background and current standard. Then, I work with you to build a personally and unique learning journey plan to meet your specific needs.
****Below are the types of classes I currently offer:
Pinyin course
Chinese listening and speaking class for beginners
Comprehensive course for beginners, middle-level, advance
HSK tutoring
Business Chinese course
Chinese culture
*****For beginners I will help you learn PINYIN and some simple characters ,words and sentences.
materials made by myself
*****For middle-level to advanced ,I use pdf book to help you learn grammar, read, listen and speak Chinese
New Practical Chinese 《新实用汉语》
*****For HSK examiners,I use PPT and pdf book to teach you some exam skills
Standard Course HSK《HSK教程》
a website named HSChinese
*****For business men,I use pdf book
New silk road business Chinese《新丝路商务汉语》
*****For someone who interested in Chinese culture,I will select materials only for you.
material from this website 国际汉语教材编写指南

Having small talk (hobbies,weather,sports,elections,social events)
➡️Shopping(bargaining,asking for exchange/refund /after-sale service)
➡️Travelling(Hotel reservation/check-in&check-out, Ordering tickets,Asking for directions)
➡️At the gym(Muscle & body parts, names of workouts and equipment)
➡️At the bank(Opening accounts, currency exchange, making loans, transferring credit, reporting loss)
➡️Seeing a doctor(Making appointments, names of common illnesses)
➡️Going for a job interview(Introducing oneself's education background and work experiences)
➡️At work(Asking for a leave,promotion,pay raise, signing of contracts)
➡️School life(sophomore parties, courses, scholarship interviews)
➡️Dating(confession, complementing your date)
➡️Making a police report(describing an accident & describing physical characteristics/mental states of people)

I can use your own materials ,too.Don't hesitate to contact me!I am ready to help you now
I will only wait for 15minutes if you are absent

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2008 - 2012
Bachelor of Arts &economy
Heilongjiang University - Heilongjiang,China
Focus on Chinese literature&economy

briefcaseОпыт работы

three years of teaching experience
Global LT - Heilongjiang,China
Accord to their requirements one-on-one with interesting APP and PPT.Design personalized courses
three years of teaching experience
Harbin Jisong Education - Heilongjiang,China
Accord to their requirements one-on-one with interesting APP and PPT.Design personalized courses
2014 - 2015
three years of teaching experience
Heilongjiang Polytechnic - Heilongjiang,China
one-on-one to teach HSK course
2014 - 2015
online teaching experience
Confucius Institute Online - Heilongjiang,China
Record video for reord video forConfucius Institute Online,the major of object is the traditional culture of China


2016 - 2016
ACTFL OPIc oral Proficiency Interview
Confucius Institute Headquarters & Chinese Testing International - China
Middle level of oral English
2016 - 2016
High Level of Mandarin certificate
State Language Commission - Heilongjiang,China
the most standard mandarin certificate
2014 - 2014
International Profession Certificate Association
IPA International Registered Professional Certificate Of Qualification - Heilongjiang,China
2012 - 2012
Graduation Certificate
Heilongjiang University - Heilongjiang China
Graduation Certificate of Heilongjiang University
2009 - 2009
College English Test-6
The ministry of education higher education department - Heilongjiang,China
College English Test-6

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