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Tyler Johnson

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Use this coupon to schedule a conversation course with me at $11.50 per lesson! Prepared discussion tailored to your interests. Feedback in writing after each lesson. Does NOT apply to my writing or comprehensive learning with literature courses. Single lesson only. Use as many times as you wish until I postpone the coupon.

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Greetings to all potential students around the world! Schedule a trial lesson with me if you want to sample an interesting, prepared, and experienced English teacher. I offer three different class structures (speaking, writing, reading) and provide original content. I'm looking forward to help you learn English! Currently in USA. I've dropped my current rate for new students ($17 for my special courses and $11.50 for speaking w/coupon).
- 6+ years of ESL teaching experience
- High level academic background including a law degree / brief legal career
- Feedback following each lesson tailored to a student’s progress and needs
- Fully prepared and planned lessons with original content
- Flexible and easy-going teaching style
- A unique laugh (so people tell me!)
- Anything in Nature including walking, hiking, camping, backpacking, running, and cycling
- Travel and culture
- Literature, movies, music
- Food (cooking AND eating!)
- Organic agriculture and community empowerment
- Writing on issues I care about
####MY CLASSES*####
////BASIC CONVERSATION CLASS//// ($15 per 45 minute class w/coupon,* available for purchase in single class format only) (all levels)** -------
- Progress update and feedback in writing after every class
- Prepared conversation topics tailored to the student’s interests
- Short articles and reading materials may be included to prep and guide discussion
* I teach 45 minute classes as per research on average attention spans and to review materials for the next class (if applicable). Of course, I will be flexible as to your needs - 45 minutes is the baseline.
** I use the coupon permanently as Verbling does not provide any way to charge different rates per class.
////WRITING AND SPEAKING COURSE//// ($17 per 45 minute class, available in single or 5 class bundles) (intermediate and advanced levels) —
- Progress update and feedback in writing after every class
- Short articles and reading materials may be included to prep and guide the discussion and writing topic
- Vocabulary lists with definitions and example sentences related to the topic
- Examples/templates to aid in writing structure and expression
- Full editing and feedback/corrections for each writing exercise
////COMPREHENSIVE LEARNING WITH LITERATURE COURSE//// ($17 per 45 minute class, available in 5-10 class bundles depending on the book) (advanced level)** —
- Progress update and feedback in writing after every class
- Comprehension and reflection questions based upon the reading for guidance (with short writing exercise)
- Vocabulary lists with definitions and example sentences related to the reading assignment
- Vocabulary quizzes if desired by the student
- Choose between a short list of books
**I am INITIALLY PREPARING FOR ANIMAL FARM (more for HS advanced level to adults). However, I AM OPEN TO CREATING MATERIALS FOR YOUNGER STUDENTS, depending on the level.
////Custom Course////
-Willing to discuss a course custom-tailored to you. Price will depend upon the nature of the course. Schedule an introductory course or send me a message to discuss what you would like to learn!
Happy learning,

Current books available for comprehensive learning with literature:

1. Animal Farm: Often cited as the #1 book for ESL learners in English and timely considering the present state of the world. Orwell writes exceptionally clear and the book is relatively short. One of my favorite books of all time. Purchase of book is required for yourself. I provide other materials.

2. Suggestions! I am open to suggestions. I'm exclusively working on Animal Farm now but am willing to prepare for 1-2 additional books upon student request. Other thoughts of my own include: The Hobbit (J.R.R. Tolkien) , Frankenstein (Mary Shelley), A Christmas Carol (Charles Dickens), or something from the Sherlock Holmes series. I also do love non-fiction!

Example materials for Learning with Literature:


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American English



2014 - 2017
Lewis and Clark College - Portland, OR, USA
Environmental Law, Energy Law
2004 - 2008
B.A. International Studies
Saint Cloud State University - Minnesota, USA
Freeman Asia Scholarship recipient, executive treasurer of the International Relations Club, foreign exchange student at Yonsei University in Seoul, South Korea.

briefcaseОпыт работы

2018 - 2019
Head Instructor and Manager
Chungdham Language Institute - Seoul, South Korea
Interviewed, hired, and managed foreign ESL instructors. Trained and monitored both the Korean and foreign ESL teachers.
2018 - 2018
YBM English - South Korea (from United States)
Tutored business professionals online with a focus on conversation and/or met the needs of each individual student.
2012 - 2014
Business English Consultant
ECK English - Seoul, South Korea
Tutored business executives with a focus on conversation, speech, and presentation development.
2011 - 2014
ESL Teacher
Topia Education Institute - Seoul, South Korea
Taught Language Arts to advanced students. Maintained an active role in curriculum development. Became proficient in the speaking and writing sections of the ibt TOEFL examination. Wrote content for corporate headquarters.
2008 - 2010
ESL Teacher
LCI Kids Club - Seoul, South Korea
Taught kindergarten and elementary students, wrote testing materials, evaluated student progress weekly, and conducted student assessments for parents.

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