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Please don't feel overwhelmed, frustrated and alone with your English Language Learning Journey. With my experience of helping over 600 students as a Super Tutor on another platform, I will be really happy to meet you and discuss your English Language needs.

.........YOU CAN BUILD CONFIDENCE AND EXPERTISE IN ENGLISH with Native English Speakers and Teachers like me. This helps to give you the 'edge' with your English Language proficiency and confidence (you can find out more about my specific qualifications and skills below) and can greatly help your academic, professional or social success.

Hello, I'm Wendy, A qualified TESOL/TEFL Native English language teacher, graduate, writer, health practitioner and business owner from Australia.

For you, I have a.....
****SPECIAL INTRODUCTORY PRICE which you can have after you free trial.
Here are a few important points to help you decide to 'take a punt' with me (let me explain what that strange English expression means when we meet up) :
1) Although I am new to Verbling, I am an old hand at assisting people to improve their English Language Skills.
2) I really like how this platform performs, so I am staying with it!!
3) I have an introductory low entry price that my students can benefit from.
4) There is an even lower price for package bookings of 5 or 10 lessons. 5) This is done as a 'thank you' for entrusting me with your English language learning needs.
6) You get lots of encouragement with me - I know how challenging learning a language can be.

****FREE TRIAL - No Obligation.
I invite you to have an exploratory chat on a Free Trial so we can determine your English Language learner's needs. Please feel free to go right ahead and push that 'Free Trial' button so we can make a reservation for you.

IT'S ALL ABOUT YOU - Is your focus, like most of my students to build your professional or personal success with mastering English Language?

I really enjoy helping enthusiastic, committed and motivated people like you to feel more confident with your English and I tend to attract students who are wanting help with:
- Business English
- Academic English
- English for Writers (whether this is for business, professional or personal reasons)...***.Ask about my 'Speak English - Write Well' program.
- Health and Medical English - ****ask about my 'Speak English - Be Well ' Program.
- General English
- Australian English Speaking and History and Cultural Awareness especially Aussie Slang, Idioms and other weird English speaking habits of Australians
- Conversation, pronunciation, grammar, vocabulary, and fluency
- English to help you with Personal or Professional Development.
I am also an:
- English Language Teacher (TESOL/TEFL qualified), with experience in online teaching both in the English Language as well as in Health and Business Education
- Business Graduate, Business Owner, Mentor and Consultant
- English Studies as an undergraduate
- Health Sciences qualifications, Natural Health Practitioner
- Health Educator
- Published Author (x 2) and writer of many articles for Journals and publications.

PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE: Over the last several decades I have had three of my own businesses in the health industry, mentored many business and professional people and continue to teach Health Education.
*** You will see the specific areas of English Language I help with at the end of this section.
In more recent years I have included on-line English Language qualifications and teaching because, as a frequent traveler, I know how important it is that we understand each other. I have greatly enjoyed meeting students from all over the world and learning more about different cultures.
*****YOUR FREE TRIAL - Connect with me to explore your English Language potential.
Please send me a message and/or make time for your no-obligation 30-minute FREE TRIAL session. We will discuss:
- what you are aiming to achieve and what the best options are for you,
- what your time commitments are,
- what the best way of moving into your best experience of speaking English might be.

PLEASE DON"T FEEL ISOLATED - Many students I have helped to be more confident with English were motivated to seek my help because they felt isolated and alone due to the language barrier or them wanted to feel more confident to do their presentations, interviews, writing, reporting, communications or prepare for a foreign country experience and other important events.
It is important that you have the support you deserve to make the most of your life and career opportunities.

I know what it is like to try and learn another language and how on-going language practice and support is crucial to your success. I found it extremely difficult to continue in my own foreign language studies years ago because there were not the online options for assistance that are available today.
Best wishes for a happy and healthy future. Wendy

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Australian English



Certificate TESOL, B.Bus, Ad Diploma Medical Herbalism.
Bachelors degreen (Business) - Monash University, Australia. Certif TESOL from TEFLEN - Australia
Focus in business english, academic english and general english for advanced beginner and above.

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