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Julia Pittock

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About Me

I come from a city called York in England where I've lived most of my life. Four years ago I graduated university with a 1st class honours and since then I have travelled to different parts of the world. Whilst teaching voluntarily at a school in a rural Cambodian village, I discovered my passion for teaching English as a foreign language. I even started tutoring some of the locals who couldn't make it to class every week. The biggest challenge that I encountered was the language barrier; although this can be frustrating at times there is always a way around it, I overcame this with persistence and patience which I found worked well. Once a student learns what I am teaching and begins to understand the concept, it creates a great sense of achievement for the student and also myself. After Cambodia, I returned home and immediately completed a TEFL course as I realised I wanted to teach again and in more countries. I then taught in China and after this, moved to Vietnam, where I am now. I have over a year and a half TEFL experience in the classroom and one to one tutoring. One major trait that I have noticed with English learners is how well their writing and reading skills are but their listening and speaking is not as advanced. This is mainly due to lack of practice which then leads to a lack of confidence. This is what I aim to improve; I want to help you build your confidence in speaking by helping you to practice in a friendly, safe environment. The second major trait is pronunciation. The way that English speakers use their mouth and throat to make sounds is different to certain languages; without having a native English teacher, sometimes the pronunciation needs improvement, so I usually spend time working on this in my lessons. However, I am also happy to help with writing, reading and grammar lessons if you require them. Now you know my journey of becoming an TEFL teacher and what I am would like to offer so please don't hesitate to ask me any questions.

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2009 - 2012
B.A Dance
Leeds Metropolitan University - Leeds UK
Focus on contemporary dance

briefcaseWork Experience

2015 - 2016
English Teacher
Aston Language Center - China
Teaching English classes and English tutoring
2014 - 2015
English Teacher
Hope school - Cambodia
Teaching English as a foreign language. Classes and tutoring.
2016 - 0
English Teacher
TBD - Vietnam
Teaching English classes and English tutoring


2015 - 2015
140 Hours TEFL
I to I - England
Focus on teaching English as a foreign language