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Hi, everyone, How's your day going? Hope everything is going well with everyone. Due to my other work, class schedule is getting even more irregular although I try to open slots when it is possible.. Sorry again for this instability. Thank you and hope everyone is safe and stays healthy.

Hello~! I am Bongja from Korea. I was born and raised in Korea, I was born in Gyeongki-do which is right next to Seoul and I've lived in Seoul for almost 20 years. So I would say my Korean is the standard accent. I got my degree at Seoul National University and my major is social welfare so I like to help people and listen to people. Now I do acting and teaching Korean.
I started tutoring Korean with explaining K-pop song lyrics online and eventually, I got a certificate for tutoring Korean. I have many experiences as a private tutor over 8 years. I like to help students and motivate them and love to see their improvement. My number one value for teaching is motivation and making them want to study themselves. I just help students to think and find on their own through my help. Most of my students felt studying is hard but they liked our class. So I hope you enjoy our class and meeting as well!
I am pretty open to any topic and any content, so you can tell me what you want to practice and study together.
There are several curricula that I usually do.
1. Basic Korean
This is Basic Course. We can start with Hangeul 한글 alphabet and how to pronounce and how to write down and read, and furthermore practicing basic conversation as well. So just let me know where you want to start~! Everything will start with you!^^
2. Conversation
This is conversation class. We can talk in Korean about any topic~! Even if I don't know much about the topic, I can help you to express it in Korean~:) And I am very curious about almost everything,^^ I want to learn all around the world and know everything, I want to listen to you as well!
3. Writing
Through this lesson, we will work on your writing. After booking the lesson, you can share your piece of writing and we can go through it together in the lesson.
4. Intermediate and advanced level

You can choose one of those things above or you can tell me what you want to do together. Our class will start with you and we will improve step by step. So just feel free to tell me what you want and just practice as much as you can and as much you like to do it. :) It will make you fluent in Korean~!

(*due to my other working schedule, I can't open many schedules in advance, and sometimes I am off for a certain period of time..So if you want to do lessons regularly and intensely, I might not be good ㅠ But if it is not, we can try:)

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2019 - 2019
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