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About Me

Hello, my future students!
Bonjour à vous, mes futurs étudiants !
Do you want to learn Romanian and feel comfortable speaking it? I can make your dreams come true by helping you become a fluent Romanian speaker! Do you already speak Romanian but want to improve your skills? I will provide the best methods and materials to make you more proficient! Do you need to pass a language test in Romanian? I offer a customized test preparation!

Rêvez-vous d’être bilingue, de parler fièrement le roumain? Et si vous rendiez tout cela possible ? Car si vous pensez qu’il est déjà trop tard, détrompez-vous ! Je vous aiderai à réaliser votre rêve.

For more information about myself and my lessons, please visit .

● Lessons tailored according your own individual needs and learning style
● Various learning materials
● Conversation-oriented lessons
● Error correction of your written texts
● Correspondence between lessons

I am a Romanian native speaker and a highly qualified, enthusiastic and experienced teacher with an extensive background in education, having taught all levels from beginner to advanced students and age groups, and done a lot of adult private tutoring. Even though my BA in Philology ensured my eligibility to become a teacher, I obtained a long-desired Master's Degree in Philology and a PGCE to become even more specialized in areas such as second language acquisition, motivation and learning theories, language pedagogy, classroom management and computer-assisted education. Later on, I was awarded QTS (Qualified Teacher Status) by the Teaching Agency, UK Department for Education.

I offer both general and intensive Romanian language courses, and specific classes of grammar, conversation, writing, test preparation, proofreading, presentation/interview preparation, and application training.

When I plan my lessons, I always aim at giving high-quality classes, thinking first of what my students need and are interested in and then, I do my best to correlate them adequately with meaningful learning activities which would boost their motivation and made them progress. I believe that one of the most important aspects in teaching is that students should have fun and feel comfortable while learning. Consequently, I encourage student-centered learning, which puts the students’ needs first and places them at the center of the learning process. In other words, you will be able to choose what you will learn and how you will learn.
I have discovered progressively the benefits of an integrated approach to language teaching, which develops naturally all four main skills, exposes students to authentic language, and enables students to communicate successfully in any kind of circumstances. We can also learn pronunciation, grammar and vocabulary together, as well as Business Romanian or anything else that you are interested in.

It would be a great honor and pleasure for me to become a part of your language and/or career project(s). I look forward to working together with you, and establishing a professional relationship that would inspire and motivate both of us!

Je suis professeur de roumain hautement qualifiée et expérimentée. J'aime bien enseigner le roumain et je suis une personne motivée, sociable, attentionnée, dynamique et creative qui aime que ses etudiants se sentent confortable, qu’ils s’amusent at prennent plaisir à apprendre le roumain.

Je propose des cours en ligne personnalisés et adaptés à vos besoins particuliers. Ils s’adressent à tous les niveaux : débutant, intermédiaire et avancé. Il peut s'agir simplement de conversation sur des sujets de tous les jours tels que les voyages, la musique, les hobbies, la société, la culture, les arts ou le sport pour améliorer votre aisance en roumain. Il peut s’agir aussi des cours de grammaire, vocabulaire et prononciation ou des cours de roumain d'affaires. On peut utiliser des cartes de conversation, des livres, des articles de journaux ou des vidéos pour améliorer votre roumain.
Si vous avez de questions ou si vous voulez en savoir davantage, n’hésitez pas à m'envoyer un message en roumain, français ou anglais.

J'aurai grand plaisir à vous rencontrer et vous enseigner le roumain!

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2008 - 2010
MA in Philology, Business English
Lucian Blaga University of Sibiu - Sibiu, Romania
I attended courses in business-related subjects, such as cross-cultural issues, meetings, negotiations and did translations of business documents from/into Romanian.
1999 - 2003
BA in Philology
West University of Timisoara - Timisoara, Romania
Besides studying English and French literature and language, I attended courses in Romanian grammar, linguistics, theory of literature and comparative literature.

briefcaseWork Experience

2014 - 2014
Reference letter
Colegiul National Pedagogic "Andrei Saguna" - Sibiu, Romania
The head of the Language and Communication Department of the Andrei Saguna High school kindly wrote a reference letter for me.


2012 - 2012
QTS Qualified Teacher Status in the UK
QTS and Induction Division Teaching Agency - Coventry, UK
My QTS is non-subject and non-age range specific. I am. therefore, eligible to seek posts covering the range of the National Curriculum subjects to any age-range.
2008 - 2009
Postgraduate Certificate in Education (Certificat de absolvire a Departamentului pentru Pregatirea Personalului Didactic)
Lucian Blaga University of Sibiu - Sibiu, Romania
The certificate is issued to be used for employment in the Romanian educational system.