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Ana Benito Gonzalez

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About Me

I am a researcher and educator that specializes in the sciences and Spanish. I am originally from Spain, where I completed my undergraduate studies in biology. I obtained my PhD. in biomedical sciences in the United States. I taught university level classes for several years as a postdoctoral fellowship at Johns Hopkins University, and have several years of experience as a distance educator. I enjoy distance education, because it allows me to meet and educate a diverse students on a wide variety of topics.

I have always loved sharing my passion for science and Spanish. Throughout the years I have come to realize that every student has particular needs and interest that need to be addressed. That's why I like to make each one of my classes unique for every student. I always try to find what will motivate my students and pick their curiosity to help them succeed. So... let's learn and grow together!

If you want to know more about me:
My interest in teaching began early, while still an undergraduate at the
Complutense University in Madrid, Spain. During my last two years of undergraduate I joined the laboratory of Juan De Carlos at the Ramon y Cajal Institute – one of the leading neuroscience institutions in the world – where I was able to participate in several science fairs to educate a general audience about the nervous system and Ramon y Cajal’s many contributions to the neuroscience field. More recently, during my
postdoctoral training at Emory University and Johns Hopkins, I taught anatomy courses for medical students, mentored several undergraduates, and participated in the teaching summer camps offered by the Johns Hopkins Institute for Excellence in Education (IEE). More recently I became a distance Spanish tutor where I mentor students with many backgrounds from all over the world. I enjoy customizing each one of my classes
for the particular needs of my students. I help them to successfully pass specific university tests or simply obtain some motivation and
guidance to fully enjoy and become passionate about Spanish.

As a teacher and former student, I see many advantages to distance learning. Its strengths lie in its support of student flexibility, empowerment, and collaboration. I strongly believe this flexibility, when utilized effectively, allows students to learn in ways that are the most beneficial. They are empowered to make choices to accommodate their learning needs. Online learning also encourages them to collaborate and interact with each other and the teacher using technology, an increasingly important skill in a globalized world. As a teacher, I highly encourage dynamic online conversations through live chat, email exchange, online office hours, and web conferencing tools. I strongly value the opportunity to discuss basic concepts with students in varied settings. I believe this helps prevent misconceptions, leads to a better understanding of the materials, and promotes further interest beyond the curriculum.

Through my own personal experiences in education and science, I have learned to highly value education as a tool to be successful in life. I strongly believe that we should never stop learning, especially not as teachers, and my main teaching focus is promoting the students’ self-interest and challenging them to think critically. I have found—both as a student and a teacher—that online learning can be an extremely effective way to reach students to this end. I strongly believe that online learning puts the students at the center of the learning experience making them responsible for their own learning. Furthermore, it allows a more personalized learning experience where students can demand more challenges and intellectual stimulation, as required. The teacher is able to customize the pedagogy to the student’s unique qualities, interests, and skills. After many years as a student, researcher, and mentor, I have found that what I truly enjoy is sharing my knowledge and passion for science and languages with students as we continue to learn together.

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2006 - 2011
PhD. in Biomedical Science
Wright State University - Dayton, OH, USA
2000 - 2005
Undergraduate in Biological Science
Universidad Complutense de Madrid - Madrid, Spain
Biological Science

briefcaseWork Experience

2011 - 2015
Postdoctoral Fellow
Johns Hopkins University - Baltimore, MD, USA
I was a teaching assistant and researcher


2013 - 2014
Johns Hopkins Institute for Excellence in Education (IEE)
Johns Hopkins University - Baltimore, MD, USA