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Serfirys Vicente

map_pinUnited States
10:02 AM (GMT-04:00)
American Sign Language
American Sign Language


American Sign Language

About Me

I am fluent in American Sign Language, also able to communicate with all levels of language in ASL, understanding home signs to very educated Deaf; intermediate English and Spanish.

I would describe myself as outgoing, extremely social; clear communication all levels of language abilities; organized; able to multitask; detail oriented; patient; responsible; trustworthy.

I have been teaching ASL online since 2014 to hearing and deaf students ranging from beginners to advanced helping them to further their communication skills in ASL; focusing on facial expressions, grammar, and conversational skills. I like to use tutoring, counseling in a positive learning environment; altering teaching styles accordingly; differentiated instruction with student-centered learning, encouraging autonomy; emphasis on student self-motivation as a strong collaborator, and experienced with special needs students.

I was raised in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. I have been volunteering teaching deaf here on the island since 2005. I attended both deaf and hearing schools, where I have received a through education, which included not only mastering ASL but also learning to communicate in Spanish. This has helped me to better communicate with others, even when our languages are not the same, I can make myself clearly understood. I worked in a pharmaceutical laboratory for seven years where only one other deaf is employed, so I have learned how communicate clearly with non signers.

As my time as a volunteer, I have taught a variety of deaf people, those with no language skills and educated deaf. I have learned that a valuable skill in teaching others is patience, many deaf here have been neglected and easily become frustrated when starting to learn a formal language, but it is important to help them feel confident that they can succeed. I have found the most successful way to motivate students is to provide positive feedback that they can us to progress. I give public discourses based on different topics of deaf can how improve their lives using PowerPoint presentations to audiences of twenty-five or more at least fifteen times a year, conduct question and answer sessions about different topics of how Deaf can improve the quality of their lives.

My experience as a deaf person interacting in a hearing world makes me an asset to teaching others ASL. Additionally, as my wife is hearing , I understand how to the bridge the gap between hearing and deaf minds, I have learned where the communication breakdown occurs. I look forward to seeing you in class soon.

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