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My name is Martina Franci, I am an experienced and always prepared Italian teacher both with children and adults.

During my studies, I developed a strong aptitude and skill for language learning, particularly Italian as foreign languages. Through my university I had the opportunity to work in different countries and further my work experience as an Italian teacher in countries such as the US, England, Turkey, Guatemala, Australia and Argentina. It gave me the opportunity to experience live classroom sessions and prove my skills in different cultural environments. I am confident in managing a group of students, preparing lessons and activities, understanding their individual needs, strengths and weaknesses.
Both in my studies and work experience, I've always shown motivation, perseverance and commitment, all backed up with excellent results.

I love to explain my adorable language and my culture to people who show interest and motivation. I have had a lot of experience with adults and teenagers as I worked as a teacher in the Italian Institute of Culture in Buenos Aires and in Guatemala and those experiences gave me a lot of knowledge regarding adults’ interest and needs.
As an independent, self-motivated and tactful individual, I feel such personal qualities will enable me to be an effective teacher, along with good communication skills, empathy and honesty. I feel I am also enthusiastic and creative which are vital assets when you have this kind of job.

My teaching method is influenced by modern didactics and is designed according to the 'Concept of Foreign Languages' of the European Council and the guidelines of the ''Accademia Italiana di Lingua (AIL) ".I follow a communicative method: from the first day of lessons and at each ability level, I do my best to speak just Italian.
I put particular emphasis on spoken language and on communication, but also deal with the 4 base abilities (reading, writing, oral comprehension and speaking).

Lessons are interesting, interactive and also fun, organized in a relaxed atmosphere in which learning is done naturally. I share with my students authentic material, like newspapers, magazines and video, that facilitate learning about contemporary Italy and the many different aspects of Italian culture. Grammar is presented in a logic and organized way, followed by examples and a wide range of practical exercises and short stories that give both students and me many opportunities for making conversation in Italian language.

All the programs have been thought in order to reach your goals, independently from the duration of the course. Having a deep knowledge of Italian grammar (through the continuous practice of writing, reading and speaking in real situations) is the principle which my method is based on. Moreover I like using technology during my classes.

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2014 - 2014
Ditals - Teaching Italian as foreign Language
University for foreigners of Siena - Siena, Italia
Teaching Italian as foreign Language, Focus on Didadctis, pedagogy