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Stefan Voswinkel

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Hello, I am a seasoned professional with 30 years as a manager, business owner and educator. I have trained, coached and taught adult students for more than 15 years - in German and English (I am bilingual). My experience is truly international - I have studied in Germany and worked there for 10 years, in international banking and aviation. I have lived in Canada since 1994. We speak German at home. My English and German language expertise reaches across industries and cultures. For the last seven years I have done several educational projects for the Yukon College - as a curriculum writer and teacher of a for-credit course in Entrepreneurship, designing courses in applied building science.

I am passionate about helping others succeed - by sharing my knowledge and experience, encouraging and mentoring, and by listening to my students. I speak clearly and check if I've been understood. I want my students to learn in a practical way so they can apply instantly what they've learned. With my international experience, I understand cultural differences and apply them to my teaching. Understanding my students' context enables me to tailor my lessons to their needs. My writing skills in English and German are excellent as well and I can help my students understand and improve written materials. My passion to teach others is also evident through exchange students from five countries who lived with us.

Interaction is key to learning success. I ask good questions that enhance thinking and learning. I use humour which is and important ingredient to remember things better. I want my students to have an interesting and fun experience. I prepare my lessons well and encourage my students to do the same. I also give them assignments to apply what they've learned in their daily life - thereby deepening their learning experience. During the next lesson, I will ask them to reflect on the last assignment. I correct my students right away when they make grammatical or pronunciation mistakes. Even more importantly, I will teach them the right language and wording that fits the situation. Now you know what to expect :-)

Hopefully seeing you soon, Stefan

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Upper Intermediate
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Austrian German
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2010 - 2011
Family Enterprise Advisor
Sauder School of Business at the University of British Columbia - Vancouver, BC, Canada
A one-year intensive program to become a qualified advisor to family-owned businesses
1974 - 1984
Diplom-Ingenieur (effectively a combined Master's Degree in Business and Engineering)
Technische Universität Darmstadt - Darmstadt, Germany
My major was a combination of Business and Civil Engineering

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CV Stefan Voswinkel
various organizations and locations - Germany, Canada
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My Teaching Experience - letters of reference
a variety of students
Language tutoring and coaching. My introduction video demonstrates my German language and tutoring skills. Even though we live in Canada, my wife and I speak German at home. Because I specialize in conversational, business and career language, my experience in various industries and organizations is critical. Throughout my career, I have demonstrated exceptional tutoring, mentoring and coaching skills. Here are two references: German teaching letter of reference: Stefan ist perfekt zweisprachig in Deutsch und Englisch. Er hat mich 2017 in Whitehorse kennengelernt. Das war kein Zufall, da wir uns beide für Sprache und andere Kulturen interessieren. Als Stefan mich Deutsch in einem Café lernen sah, hat er sofort entschieden, mir Deutsch beizubringen. Während unserer deutschen Unterhaltungen in den letzten Jahren haben wir jedesmal interessante Themen diskutiert. Gleichzeitig korrigiert Stefan immer meine Fehler in der deutschen Sprache. Bei jedem Treffen habe ich grosse Fortschritte gemacht. Stefan hat zurzeit Interesse daran, bei seinem 5 Monate Besuch in Südkorea Koreanisch zu lernen [und will im “Sprachaustausch” seinem Sprachlehrer mit deutscher Konversation helfen]. Er hat meine hohe Empfehlung, ein idealer, freundlicher und zuverlässiger Sprachlehrer zu sein. Wenn Sie Deutsch und Englisch lernen möchten, bitte melden Sie sich einfach, um einen Sprachaustausch mit ihm zu verabreden. Herzlichen Dank, M. Peng, from Shenzen, now living in Montreal ————————————— Stefan is a fun teacher with a good sense of humor and interesting experiences. He was always very prepared & organized and that gives his students confidence. Stefan’s style of teaching was very much participatory. He was very organized and connected well with the students. Overall, it was a real pleasure to have Stefan teach our class and the feedback from students was extremely positive. I would recommend him to others looking for an effective and engaging teacher/trainer/consultant. M. Q., M.Ed. Coordinator/Instructor, TIOW Program School of Community Education and Development Yukon College
President / Owner
Ylynx Management Consulting, Inc. - Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada
• Teaching international clients via live video in German and English (Singapore, China, Korea, Poland, Canada, Germany) • Teaching workshops in Business Succession for the Whitehorse Chamber of Commerce • Introduction to Entrepreneurship at Yukon College (a for-credit course for business students; I wrote and taught the curriculum) • Teaching a workshop about business mentoring for the Association of Professional Engineers of Yukon • Educational tours of Canadian aviation for airbnb customers • Teaching English to exchange students from Russia, Hungary, Japan and Korea • I am a regular volunteer at the Multicultural Centre of the Yukon, helping immigrants to learn English.


Teaching Experience: Wie ist Stefan Voswinkel als Tutor für Deutsch? (mein Lehrerprofil in Deutsch)
Meine Berufserfahrung, wie ich meinen Studenten helfe, was meine Stunden interessant macht