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Chilla Blaze

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About Me

Hello everyone :)

If you want to improve your speaking above all and become confident in your communication, I can help you with it. Or you want specific Business language practice, exam preparation or perhaps gain knowledge in language use in the medical sector, then you are looking at the right person! :D
Of course we can chat about cooking, travelling and parallel universes, I can talk about pretty much anything!

Apart from the communicative element I would like to focus on correcting mistakes, using the right grammar and collocations in everyday life. I want my students to lose that fear of not wanting to talk, even from the very beginner's level.

I know what it is like to learn a language, I have been through this almost 4 times in my life and to be honest it gets easier every time.

English now is a global language whether we like it or not, but all other languages are equally if not more interesting and worth learning - I can help with English and Hungarian, perhaps a bit with Spanish but my main focus is English.

As for me as a person - I really enjoy networking and being with people - this is why I enjoy teaching so much. Apart from being a passionate language teacher/learner I also practice natural medicine. I care about the environment and the maintenance of our well-being.

I grew up in Australia and lived most of my life in the UK and Spain. I speak Spanish and Hungarian. I have been teaching EFL for the past 15 years in Australia, UK, Spain and Hungary. My accent is more British than anything else.

I do coaching; translation and proofreading for websites, science journals, uni students and for publishers and I have been preparing European professionals for interviews and work abroad with great success!

The two other major interests in my life are health and music, I practice Ayurvedic therapy and make music; I usually create interesting class materials where I can integrate other useful information that interest me. I have organised language events in Spain and short trips to the UK as an add-on for my students and people who want to practice their language skills.

My lessons are very communicative, with a range of materials that I send to my students and after the class students receive a pdf document of the vocabulary and errors that came up during the class.

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Translation services
English Base - Spain
Translation for Spanish websites and business projects in design, construction and medicine
EFL Instructor and language event organiser
English Base - Valencia Spain / London
Planning and organising intensive courses and short trips for Spanish professionals to the UK for culture and language practice
EFL Instructor
CEPRAT Barcelona - Barcelona
General and Business English for import export professionals
2015 - 2015
EFL Instructor Business English
Angol Intezet - Budapest
Planning and conduction of Business English for Hungarian professionals
2014 - 2014
EFL Lecturer
American International University - London
EFL Instructor for international students
2013 - 2013
English Lecturer
Oxford Brookes University - Oxford, UK
Planning and conducting intensive summer course for international adult learners (predominantly Japanese, Chinese, Turkish and Italian background)
2005 - 2010
Bsc/ PGCert Health Sciences
Curtin University of Technology - Perth, WA Australia and London United Kingdom
Public Health, Marketing, HR, Health promotion, Epidemiological and biostatistical studies, Global health promiotion
2007 - 2009
EFL teacher and employment advisor
Metropole College - London
Teacher and advisor for migrant groups in the East London area


2014 - 2014
Ayurveda Therapist
Ayuskama India - Himalayas, North India
Ayurvedic healing, aesthetic therapies, stress management, herbs and oils and Ayurvedic diet and lifestyle
2012 - 2013
PgCert Public Health
Curtin University of Technology - Perth WA
Public Health, Global Health, Health promotion and disease prevention, Developing countries, Maternal and children's health