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Carole Lees

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About Me

Hi, I’m Carole. Let me help you achieve your goals and really get better in English. I’ve got over 15 years’ experience as a professional English language trainer and coach. I run English courses in Business Schools, and provide personalised training programs for individuals or groups, including online teaching. I specialise in coaching students for exam success (TOEFL, TOEIC, IELTS, BULATS etc.), and developing language skills for practical English at work. I also create special courses for anyone who wants to improve their English for personal reasons, maybe for travelling or because of a move to an English-speaking country.

If you decide to have a trial lesson with me, first, we will have an informal conversation. I will ask you some general questions about you, and how you want to improve your English, for example, more confidence in speaking . I will also select a learning task that I think could be useful for you, for example, pronunciation of important sounds with examples of common English words - th, sh, ch, gh etc.

This method will help me evaluate your level and give you some immediate feedback. After that, we can discuss what type of program is best for you and I will send you a personal learning plan.

Let me tell you a little bit about me. I come from Hertfordshire in the south-east of the UK, north of London. I have always loved travelling to other countries and meeting new people. This is why I think I have such a passion for language learning. Deciding to move to France with my husband in 2001 involved a complete change of career, going from the world of business, finance and investment to becoming a qualified language teacher (Cambridge CELTA, and TEB). I also had to get my French to a good enough level to be able to work here, so I know what it takes to become comfortable in another language. Right now, I'm learning Spanish and really enjoying it.

Languages are about communication. I feel you need to enjoy the learning process and focus on developing the confidence to say what you want to say and understanding what some else is saying to you. Of course, to succeed in exams or job interviews, you need to not only have a good level but also know what techniques to use. Each person needs a personalised learning program adapted to their needs. That's where I think I can make the difference. It's also the reason why I like to think of myself as a language coach, and not just a teacher.

I would really like the opportunity to see if I could be the ideal language coach for you, so please contact me for a 30-minute trial lesson to find out more.

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briefcaseWork Experience

2006 - 2017
English Teacher/Trainer
Centre d'Etdue de langues (GICFO), Bordeaux - France
English Trainer, carrying out intensive courses in English for business and university student classes, conversational English classes and individual lessons (face to face, phone and Skype).
2003 - 2006
English teacher/assistant in primary schools
Rectorat Charente - France
Classes in English to primary school children in different schools
2005 - 2006
Business English teacher/trainer
ICF Language School, Cognac - France
Individual and group lessons, including phone and Skype lessons
1983 - 2001
Career in Financial Services Sector, leading to senior management
Various insurance companies, and director of own company - UK
Career prior to move to France in 2001
2002 - 0
Private English teacher/trainer
Under French CESU contracts with indivduals (self-employed) - France
Private lessons, including phone and Skype lessons
2017 - 0
Business English Teacher
Intercountry, Bordeaux - France
English Language Professor, providing classes for university students and exam preparation ( TOEFL , TOEIC, IELTS). Individual one-to-one lessons.
2015 - 0
Business English Teacher
Inseec Groupe, Bordeaux - France
English Language Professor, providing ongoing classes for university students (first and second year groups, to enable them to achieve proficiency in Business English and pass their exams ( TOEFL and TOEIC).


2000 - 2006
B.A. (Arts)
Open Univesity - UK
Focus on English and French, plus studies in German and basic computing
2000 - 2001
Diploma in French as a Foreign Language
Open Univesity - UK
French language
2000 - 2000
Bournemouth International Language School, Bournemouth - UK
TEFL qualification (teaching Business English)
1999 - 1999
CELTA (Cambridge)
Bell Language School, Cambridge - UK
TEFL qualification (teaching English)