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Kurnia Guru Indonesia

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About Me

Halo! Hello! Здравствуйте! Hejsan!
My name is Kurnia (koor-nyee-ah). I'm a native Indonesian speaker from Jakarta, who is currently residing in Malmö, Sweden. And before that, I've lived in Moscow, Russia for 6 years and also London and Glasgow in a total of a half year.
I am open-minded, flexible, jolly, and positive. I like to meet people, learn new languages and cultures especially, when I travel (52 countries so far), cooking, listening to music and learn to code.
I have a strong professional background in food technology and linguistic (Russian <-> Indonesian). Currently, I am studying programming and planning to become a full-stack/ AI developer in the future.
I speak Indonesian, English, Russian, Swedish, Sundanese, and beginner in Spanish.
So, for learners, whose native language is English, Russian or Swedish, please rest assured as I can conduct the lesson and help explain things in your language :)
With that in mind, no matter what Indonesian proficiency level you have, let’s have fun and learn Bahasa Indonesia together!
I hope to see you soon!

Me as a Teacher:
I have been teaching Indonesian language as a foreign language since 2010 and Russian language to Indonesian students since 2009. I used to teach in a physical class with a small group or one-on-one from the beginner to the advanced level. This time, I want to swift to online-based so I can reach anyone, everywhere and anytime.
I teach mostly adults from many different nationalities with different accents and characters. Therefore, I customize my teaching approach and materials according to the student's requirement and ability.
As a foreign language learner myself, I know the struggles in learning a new language and I have my way of learning a language that is not my mother tongue, so I hope it will be useful if I can share it with you.
I can help you to learn Bahasa Indonesia from spelling, pronunciation, grammar, speaking, and writing. Just let me know what your goal is and I'm glad to help you.
I am attentive to my students and encourage them to speak Bahasa Indonesia during the lesson. Additionally, I will share some trivial information and the local custom that fit in our lesson. I will correct the mistakes of my students, as it is an effective way to enhance their Bahasa Indonesia ability.
To conduct an enjoyable and effective lesson for you is my priority. However, all the lessons will still be informative and educational. I genuinely care about your progress, and I want you to make the most out of our lessons.

My Lessons & Teaching Style:
To guide the overall learning process, we will agree on goals to be achieved at the end of the learning process, based on your need and language proficiency. I see the learning process mainly in the form of an interactive conversation (via video chat or written). Learning tools will be shared with you so that you could revisit and practice them by yourself. Homework and quizzes could optionally be given to strengthening on particular concepts. I am open to as many questions you have about the new language, so don't hesitate to ask.
I'll send you a document or link to the materials before the lesson starts. During the lesson, you can record it too so you can replay it anytime you want.
I offer several lessons which are: Indonesian 101, Indonesian Language for Beginner - Advanced, BIPA A1-C2

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Vocational Higher Education
Handelsakademin - Malmö, Sweden
Object-oriented programming with AI competence
2019 - 2019
Folkuniverstitetet - Malmö, Sweden
Swedish for immigrants
2008 - 2014
Engineer's degree
Moscow State University of Food Production - Moscow, Russia
Food biotechnology

briefcaseWork Experience

Freelance translator and language teacher
Self-employed - Moscow, Jakarta
-Interpreting and translating (from/to Indonesian-English-Russian) for international events, such as G20 and APEC in Russia and Belarus with Embassy of Republic of Indonesia and Attache of Indonesian Defense and for Russian companies and start-up business in Indonesia, and online. -Teaching Indonesian as a foreign language in Indonesia, Russia, and online.
2018 - 2019
Food development consultant
LBS Consulting Ltd. - Bali
Project of Food Flow Russia. Developing process and formula of food material into a desirable vegan food product. Making improvements or modifications of food material. Creating a recipe and preparation of a flow sheet with a detailed description of the technology of cooking the dish/product.
2016 - 2017
Technical Translator
New Frontier Solutions - Jakarta
Translating documents and purchase orders from/to Indonesian-English-Russian for our Russian clients in the oil and mining sectors.
2015 - 2017
Artisan cheese maker
Mamacio Cheese & Dairy - Jakarta
A home-scale industry of dairy production in Jakarta. Cooking milk and specified ingredients to make cheese according to formula of pasteurization and fermentation. Produce natural and high-quality homemade dairy products. Manage the cashflow


Screenshot of Indonesian tutor from other website
academic IELTS
IDP - Bali, Indonesia
Academic IELTS 7.0
2021 - 2021
Teaching Indonesian as Foreign Language
APBIPA Ngurah Rai University - Bali
TIFL Methodology