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Hello! As someone who has lived abroad, I understand how important it is to be understood. For nearly twenty years, I have worked with students from many language backgrounds to improve their spoken English intelligibility. From business executives to international teaching assistants, I have witnessed the transformative power that improved pronunciation has, and have shared in the joy of my students' new-found confidence. Each year, I share and expand my knowledge of pronunciation at conferences such as TESOL and PSLLT. In fact, as a friend pointed out the other day, I (and my colleague) literally wrote the chapter on Technology for Teaching Pronunciation in TESOL's new encyclopedia. :) Currently, I am the Coordinator of both the ELIP Pronunciation & Presentation Lab and the ELIP Speaking Lab at Ohio University and I teach pronunciation to International Teaching Assistants so that they can pass the SPEAK Test or TSE. No matter how fluent my students are, I can help them find ways to make themselves be better understood.
Let's start with you. Tell me about yourself. What are your goals? In which speaking situations would you like more comfort and confidence? What is your timeline? How do you learn best? What are your interests?
We will start there! Based on your goals and needs, I will craft for you your own personal action plan for us to follow over whatever period of time works best for you. I will briefly introduce topics to you and help you understand and produce your pronunciation targets by using a look-sound-feel approach to ensure that you get it. We will focus on whatever you need in order to become more confident and better understood. Broad topics include intonation, stress, rhythm, consonants, and vowels. During our lessons, I will also share with you some practice and learning strategies that you can use to maximize your progress between lessons. If you are age 16 or older, like to laugh and have fun, we will work well together. Contact me with your availability and I will make time for you in my schedule. :)

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2008 - 2014
PhD Cultural Studies in Education
Ohio University - Ohio, USA
Dissertation: International Teaching Assistants’ (ITA’s) Experiences with Language Learning, Learner Autonomy, and Technology as Students in a Requisite Oral Communication Course
1998 - 2000
MA Linguistics
Ohio University - Ohio, USA
TEFL Certificate, CALL experience, Pronunciation-focused
1994 - 1998
BA Spanish
Ohio University - Ohio, USA
Minors in Anthropology and Music: Cello Performance

briefcaseWork Experience

2004 - 2008
English Instructor in the Ohio Program of Intensive English (OPIE)
Dept. of Linguistics, Ohio University - Ohio, USA
Taught listening and speaking, grammar, writing, reading, conversation
2002 - 2004
English Instructor
Conversa Language Center - Ohio, USA
Taught pronunciation, listening, speaking, writing, reading, conversation
2001 - 2002
English Department Director and Instructor
La Universidad de la Sierra, A.C. - Puebla, Mexico
Taught beginning and intermediate English, aligned course curriculum to national curriculum
2000 - 2001
English Teacher
Escuela Arte de Granada - Granada, Spain
Taught pronunciation, conversation, and listening
2007 - 0
Instructor for the Ohio Program of Intensive English’s Summer Pre-Academic Program for Fulbright Students
Dept. of Linguistics, Ohio University - Ohio, USA
Give pronunciation workshops, teaching assistant workshops, time management workshops and more
2008 - 0
English Senior Lecturer in the ELIP Academic and Global Communication Program
Dept. of Linguistics, Ohio University - Ohio, USA
Pronunciation & Presentation Lab Coordinator, Speaking Lab Coordinator, Oral Communication and Technical Writing Lecturer, Facilitator of the university's ITA Orientation, give workshops in the TA Professional Development Workshop series, Social Media Manager for the Department of Linguistics