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Hello future students! My name is Travis. I am a 36 year old English teacher from the United States. I have been teaching English now for the last 13 years. I spent over 10 of those years living in Asia. I have lived and worked in South Korea, East Timor and Cambodia. I love meeting new people from all over the world and helping them to improve their English. While overseas I had the opportunity to teach English to students of all ages, levels, and skill sets. I have taught English in private institutions, public schools and universities. More recently, I have started to focus my career on teaching students to learn English online. I feel that the diversity of teaching experiences I’ve had during my career has allowed me to develop the necessary skills to effectively teach almost anyone to improve their ability as an English speaker. Please book a lesson with me today and allow me to show you how I can help you effectively improve your ability to communicate in English in a very short period of time. Anyone can get better at English, you just need the right guide and the right methods in order to improve. I promise to be your diligent guide along your journey and to teach you the methods that will see you to success. Get in touch today to find out what I can do for you.

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2001 - 2005
B.A. Philosophy and Political Science
Hamline University - St. Paul, Minnesota, USA
Philosophy, Political Science

briefcaseWork Experience

Online English Teacher
Cambly - USA
At Cambly, I primarily teach adult students who are looking to further expand their English conversation skills and people who are preparing for English exams such as the IELTS or TOEFL. I have found this experience to be very valuable as it allows me the chance to use my creativity in making lessons that fit the unique learning needs of my students. This position has also been helpful personally in that it has allowed me to improve my ability to think on my feet as well as to device more effective methods with which to teach my students online.
Online English Teacher
51Talk - Hong Kong, China
Online Kids and Adult English Teacher (Group and 1v1 Lessons) - At 51Talk I teach both adults and children English in group and one on one settings. I have regular bookings with the same students and always receive good ratings from those that I teach. I have advanced through the payscale at 51Talk, and am now at the “Senior Level B”, which is the highest ranking for a teacher within the company and shows the dedication I exhibit to the students I teach.
Online English Teacher
Waijiaoyi - Beijing, China
I started working at Waijiaoyi this last May and I enjoy this job tremendously. I am responsible for conducting English classes in large group settings to students in public and private schools throughout China. I teach elementary through high school age students. I am also responsible for training new teachers on how to properly use the company’s learning platform and website to teach. Working at Waijiaoyi has allowed me the opportunity to learn how to teach English to a large group of students in an online setting. This position has also been a great opportunity for me to get to know and work with people from all over China and with fellow English teachers from all over the world.
2017 - 2018
Online English Teacher
Landi Subject English - Hangzhou, China
This was my first online teaching job and it allowed me the opportunity to gain valuable training and insight into how to effectively teach English online. At Landi, I was responsible for teaching conversational English to groups of two children at a time. I also helped develop curriculum for the company and was selected to train new teachers on how to use the platform. This position was a great introduction into the world of online teaching for me and I look back upon this job fondly.


2005 - 2005
TESOL Certificate
Sejong University - Seoul, South Korea
Studied: Classroom Management, Student Needs, Reading, Listening & Speaking, Developing lesson plans, Grammar, Writing, Using Visuals and Web Resources