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Hello. My name is Trevor, and I want to tell you all little about the person I am, as well as what I do.
I am a British Citizen and grew up in the 1960s enjoying the changes that took place in many different political and social fields. I began my teenage years enjoying the Punk Rock scene and visiting many gigs to see some of the UK’s favourite Punk bands. Eventually going out of fashion I entered the workplace to take up my studies as a bricklayer and worked hard to be the best in my class.
After marrying and becoming a father I decided to do a U-turn and return to studies to gain a bachelor’s degree in Law and the Social Sciences at a local university and change my career into the managerial roles on construction sites, where I remained active and successful for over 20 years before making a complete change to take up a life hobby and turn it into a professional career – photography. During my course in photography I became aware of my talent to teach, and this, coupled with my understanding of the English language and its grammatical understanding and rules I became a teacher of English. Mostly this will involve pronunciation, grammar, fluency, and speaking. I feel that I am unique in my field of expertise because of my eagerness to work with students so they can have what I endeavour to study with them. I do not carry any particular accent when teaching as I feel this inhibits a student’s true progress in language learning.
In my lessons I use interactive teaching methods; a lot of audio and video materials; and, a communicative method of teaching. During my 5 years of my work as a private teacher with Russian speaking students, I have gained a rich positive experience of teaching English to people of different ages and levels of proficiency.
Many of my students have already emigrated to the USA and Canada; successfully passed international exams; entered various educational institutions in the UK and Europe; gained career promotion, better grades at school and universities; and, are able to travel more confidently.
I offer easy, fascinating, and never boring, English lessons with an individualised program, which can include grammar, speaking, pronunciation, punctuation, and fluency (all aspects of the English language) for different ages and levels in English. I also prepare my students for international exams.

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