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Olivera K.security_checkedFlag
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Hi, My name is Olivera and thank you for checking my profile. I try to adopt various methodologies of language teaching in my class hours. The integration and combination of different components targeting the student’s goal shape my lesson plans. If you want to learn or improve your Albanian and you feel comfortable in Italian or English then I am the right person to talk to. I completely understand how you feel when trying to learn and speak more than two languages as I have been through in first person. So, I could help you choose the easiest path, that suits you, in learning a foreign language. You can follow my free channel on spotify for learning Albanian from English to Albanian or Italian to Albanian: Se avete bisogno di imparare la lingua albanese siete pregati di contattarmi. Vi garantisco che i resultati saranno immediati e che imparare l'albanese non è difficile. See you in class! Shihem...
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Viktoras Iliopoulossecurity_checkedFlag
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Ana Dil
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Hello there! My name is Viktor, I am 28 years old, and I have a master's diploma in Βalkanistics at Charles University in Prague, with specialization Albanian&Bulgarian Languages. I finished my bachelor's degree in Slavistics at the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, Department of Slavistics. Since my childhood, I had a big passion for learning foreign languages. I started this fascinating journey to the world of foreign languages quite equipped since I had two equal mother tongues Albanian and Greek. I can also speak in very advanced level Russian, English, Bulgarian, Czech, and a bit of German. I love traveling, I enjoy talking about politics, history, geography, and other various topics. I started teaching the Albanian Language at the age of 20 mostly out of curiosity to some of my friends. Since that time, I realized that not only did I love doing that but also that I was good at it. So I realized I should learn the language from all its aspects and in December 2013...
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