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Halo! Apa kabar? My name is Sekar. If you are looking for the best and fun partner to learn Indonesian language with a native speaker, I'm here ready to help you. I'm a professional teacher who have been teaching Indonesian and English to students from various ages and nationalities since 2012. My background education is in English Language Studies and currently, I work as a lecturer in one of the universities in Thailand. As an Indonesian language teacher, my main purpose is to help you achieve your goals in learning Indonesian language by using USER FRIENDLY MATERIALS that are PRACTICAL, FLEXIBLE, VARIED, and FOCUS on your goals. You can also REQUEST the materials that you are aiming for. So, what are you waiting for? Book your class today and see you in class!
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Hai! Apa kabar? Please read my profile carefully. I'm a Cambridge certified Indonesian/ EFL teacher from Indonesia. I work as a lecturer in a university. Mostly, I teach EFL but I also do Indonesian sometimes. I have been teaching online since 2012. I specialise in teaching the four language skills, conversation and vocabulary drilling. I have structured lessons and I'm able to give you grammar lessons for both formal and informal language after you can fulfil my classes prerequisites. I have taught students with zero Indonesian skills to those in the intermediate level. Other than that, I have experiences in helping students from 5-18 years old in Australian schools (for VET, VCE, and HSC) as well as in Indonesian schools. I have taught Indonesian to seniors (50+) and corporate students too. I do speak slang in my everyday life, but I can also speak formal Indonesian fluently. I speak clearly and I don't have any accent from my local language which will help you to understand me b...
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