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Viktoria Björklundsecurity_checkedFlag
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I am very passionate about languages and I am a competitive person who loves new challenges. These sides of me together with my knowledge of the Swedish culture and foreign cultures, is an advantage for you. My aim is to help you to reach your goals and to be profficient in Swedish. I am able to explain the differences between Swedish, Spanish and English grammar which often is a great help for Spanish and English speakers. I have more than 5 years experience teaching Swedish online, face-to face and in academies. I have worked with all kinds of students in different levels and I love to see how my students progress and achieve their goals. That is also my goal, seeing you progress. Furthermore, I have worked several years as an HR- consultant for doctors and nurses. This means that I will also be able to help you writing your cv and advice you before and after a job interview in Sweden. I would greatly appreciate the opportunity to work with you.
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Cecilia Yrttiahosecurity_checkedFlag
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NOW ACCEPTING TWO NEW STUDENTS! Write me a message and we will discuss a good time to meet. I have more availability than is shown in my schedule! I specialise in working with students who aim to pass official level tests in Swedish, such as the level tests for citizenship in Finland or Sweden, or the Tisus test for medical practitioners. I will guide you from your current level, and work both on general Swedish and targeted language if needed (for example medical vocabulary). I also provide help in translating texts from English to Swedish in areas such as education, psychology, economics, wellness and more. Finally, I also enjoy working with anyone who wants to learn Swedish as a long-term goal. I will provide a great variety of materials in order to make your learning both thorough and fun! I teach both the Swedish language spoken I Swedish and Finnish Swedish, as spoken in Finland. Please send me a message to agree on a time to meet. I look forward to working with y...
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