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Greetings Verbling!
My name is Sarah Schlosbon, and I have been speaking English for a little over twenty-six years. I should tell you that I am a little over twenty-six. That was a joke. (Pause for laughter). But I have been speaking English my whole life! I grew up on the northeast coast of the United States in a small suburb right outside of Philadelphia. I moved to Philly to attend university in 2010, and pursued a major in English and a minor in anthropology. Through my studies, I realized that the only thing I love more than language itself is what people can do with it. I graduated from university in 2014 with honors, and continued my love of both teaching and learning in a new setting-- the School District of Philadelphia.

Through Teach for America, I taught English in West Philadelphia from 2014-2017. During this time, I attended the University of Pennsylvania to earn my teaching certificate. Here, I learned about the psychology of language acquisition. It was made abundantly clear to me that, while learning rules and guidelines are important, the substantial learning of language occurs with authentic practice. And rules and guidelines are sometimes actually pretty irrelevant (in language--not in life. Rules are good. I wear a seat belt!).

My years inside the classroom served as an opportunity for my own practice, as I worked with many native English speakers as well as English Language Learners to acquire the pieces of language that they would need to be successful. It was here that I developed my style as an educator. I found it very important to maintain visual reminders of language and grammar rules throughout the room (this required a lot of markers, chart paper, and scotch tape), but practice had to be the primary mode of genuine acquisition. Through practicing reading written and original works, my students engaged with the functions of language verbally. We also engaged with many structured discussions in activities called "socratic seminars." My students demonstrated about 1.87 years of growth in ELA over the course of nine months in my class. I believe this achievement has everything to do with my students' willingness to practice speaking, writing, and reading inside and outside of the classroom, even when it was frustrating. And maybe a little bit to do with candy.
During my time in the classroom I also received two awards for my teaching style and delivery of material-- one was the "Winged Warrior Award" (a plaque awarded by parents of students that is still hanging in my home office), and the "Joy Factor Award" (a colorful paper plate made by my administrators that is also still hanging in my home office). Both remind me when I am a little on the tired side that in the classroom, I can bring the energy, joy, and excitement of learning.

Most recently, I have begun teaching English online. Since November of 2017, I have worked with 7th and 8th graders from all over Pennsylvania. Because of my experience in Philadelphia classrooms, my current administrators asked me to work with the students that require the most support in English Language Arts. Therefore, most of my time is spent working in a virtual classroom with students responding to their individual needs. Sometimes, we work on creating poetry using figurative language. Other times, we practice identifying subject-verb agreement. And sometimes, we just practice navigating our online forum so they can actually submit their essays! Whatever we do, however, practicing language is always at the center of our interactions.

And that is why I am here! I would love to partner with you--hardworking and dedicated English Language learners of all backgrounds and engage with language acquisition in a new way.

So book me! I can't wait to work with you :) !!

Sarah Schlosbon

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2014 - 2016
Certification: Middle Years Education (English 4-8)
University of Pennsylvania - Philadelphia
Certification Program
2010 - 2014
B.A. English
Temple University - Philadelphia
Focus on English Literature and Linguistic Anthropology

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2014 - 2017
6th Grade ELA Teacher
Boys' Latin Charter School of Philadelphia - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
• Develop original units that explore themes of character development such as empathy, grit, brotherhood, and open-mindedness through reading and writing • Collaborate with multiple department teams to create and implement culturally responsive curriculum across middle grades • Lead grade-level team in the development of reading and writing across the curriculum, ensuring that the literary goals of all students are met or exceeded across disciplines • Engage with students in new and challenging literary materials through differentiated direct instruction, group work, and independent practice
2014 - 2016
Corps Member
Teach for America - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
• Partnered with teacher-coaches in order to develop professionally in designing an original scope-and sequenced curriculum, planning differentiated lessons, creating engaging materials, and implementing meaningful assessment • Collaborated with coaches and corps members to create a classroom vision that would reflect the students and their experiences directly • Delivered and analyzed student outcome data with coaches, consistently meeting or exceeding monthly growth goals • Created and provided professional development workshops with corps members • Maintained positive professional networks with education professionals across the greater Philadelphia region, ensuring the construction of a strong educational community devoted to educational equity and social justice
2012 - 2014
Director/ Advocate
LIFT-Philadelphia - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
• Partnered with residents of North Philadelphia during one-on-one meetings in order to maintain housing, secure healthcare, and/or conduct resume building for job searches • Created clients’ goal plans often regarding the attainment of stable and affordable housing, reliable childcare, affordable healthcare, and job security, enabling the highly effective tracking of achievement and productivity • Facilitated open lines of discussion between clients and welfare offices, providing mediation for frustrating interactions, ensuring that clients received their monthly SNAP, TANF, SSI, SSD, and Unemployment allotments
2017 - 0
7th and 8th Grade ELA Teacher
Reach Cyber Charter School: Connections Academy - Pennsylvania
• Monitor student attendance and participation data to ensure students are actively and successfully engaging with their daily lessons • Create high-engagement supplemental lessons delivered through a virtual classroom to facilitate connection between curriculum and the real world • Communicate regularly with students, families, and staff through email, Google Hangouts, and phone conferences


2014 - 2016
Certification: Middle Years Education (English 4-8)