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I would say that education is one of my leading hobbies; I enjoy reading non-fiction for the most part as the books are often filled with interesting facts. I’m currently reading a book called Quantum Reality by Nick Herbert which is about quantum physics and how they conflict with regular physics. The book is dense with content where I often find myself online researching so I can have a better understanding before reading on.
The following 2 hobbies intertwine somewhat, I enjoy traveling and I have been to most countries around Europe, I started learning German while I was there for 5 Months in 2019 but I decided to go to Spain where I am currently learning Spanish… I’m told that I’m between a B2 – B1 level from friends but I haven’t taken any tests! In the future, I would like to go to South America to travel and teach there so as I’m learning Spanish I figured that getting more experience in teaching English would be a good idea.
I’ve been teaching English since 2017, I have met many friends on my travels who have wanted to keep in contact and improve their English; I have spent many hours video calling with friends to help practice their English, giving them advice and correcting them along the way. I have a lot of experience in person too, I often meet up with friends and we’ll have one on one lessons before going out for the rest of the day. My girlfriend is from Ecuador and we have a 2-way system where I speak in Spanish and she speaks in English and we both correct each other so we can learn the other language as best as possible.
Although I have been teaching since 2017 I decided to take it one step further by enrolling on a TEFL course. I spent a good amount of time researching the various options I could take and decided to enroll on the TEFL level 5 course which certified as 168 learning hours. I chose this as it is the highest qualified TEFL course you can obtain other than the TEFL level 7 which actually qualifies you to teach the TEFL courses.
Before finding my passion for language and travel I was and still am interested in engineering. I enrolled at the local university and completed the Foundation Degree in Operations Engineering. It was filled with mathematics, physics and business ethics which I really enjoyed. I worked varies jobs which required me to travel which initially sparked the interest of traveling for myself.

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