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My name is Céline and I am a French native teacher from France with more than 12 years of experience as a teacher and a Master degree in French language and literature from UBC. I am also a former French instructor at UBC. I am very passionate about learning and teaching languages. So far I have learned English, Korean and Spanish! I am now working on my Japanese. I also love music, reading (my favourite author is Proust!) and travelling. In the future, I would love visit Japan and south asian countries!!

I am someone who is very enthusiastic, motivated and passionate about teaching languages. I am also very patient and can adapt to all ages and levels. I can help students to achieve their learning goals by focusing on their level, interests and needs. Whether you want to learn French for your own pleasure or preparing for an exam (such as DELF, DALF, TEF, TEFAQ, TCF, TFI, AP and SAT), I will be happy to assist you in reaching your goals !

*My Education*

-Master degree in French Language and Literature at UBC, Canada

-Bachelor degree with Major in French and Minor in Spanish

-Member of International Golden Key (top 10% of the university)

-Completed Teaching Certificate at UBC

-Completed elementary school, middle school and high school in France

*My work experience*
I worked as a French Instructor at private institutions, Alliance Française and at University of British Columbia. I have also worked as an examiner for French Provincial Langue 12 Examination. I have more than 12 years of teaching experience as a french tutor and 6 years of experience in proof-reading, editing and translation.

*My Methodology*
My teaching methodology is purely based on the Individual learning style of each student. Engagement with the students interests, creating a passion for the subject, and encouraging an interactive, hands on approach to learning have always benefited my students. I like to integrate audio-video materials to stimulate an interactive learning environment. My classes are also well structured and I adopt a thematic approach, encouraging the students to work on various topics.

Here are the courses that I offer:
-General French (beginner, intermediate, advanced)
-DELF, DALF,TEF,TCF preparation course
-K~12 French course (help with school assignments, preparation of tests and online courses)
-French for kids
-French Immersion
-French IB
-French SAT II
-French AP 
-Conversational French
-Business French
-French for Travelers

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2013 - 2016
MA in French Literature and Language
UBC, Canada - british columbia , Canada
2009 - 2012
BA in French Literature and Language
UBC, Canada - british columbia , Canada

briefcaseÇalışma Deneyimi

2015 - 2018
French Instructor
Alliance Française - Vancouver
Taught DELF exam preparation classes to students aged between 13 to 18 -Worked collaboratively with other staff to align curriculum and design creative lessons
2012 - 2015
French Instructor
UBC, Canada - british columbia , Canada
-Taught FR 101, 102 and 111 courses to classrooms with an average of 40 students with varied ages and abilities -Developed lessons and activities -Incorporated cultural and historical components into the curriculum to diversify and expand learning material -Monitored academic performance of students and offered guidelines -Attended training sessions to improve instructional skills
2012 - 2012
French Langue 12 Provincial Examination examiner
Graded Provincial Exam in Langue12 during Summer of 2012
2014 - 0
Proof-reader, Editor and Translator in French
Freelance - Vancouver
Proofread spelling, grammar, punctuation and evaluate text for accuracy and consistency
2008 - 0
French Tutor
Freelance - Vancouver
-Teaching students in K~12, in French Immersion, French AP and in French IB program -Helping students with various language proficiency exams such as DELF, DALF, TEF, TEFAQ, TFI, TCF -Developing creative and innovative lesson plans and instructional techniques to meet academic and intellectual needs of students -Interacting with parents and promoting their involvement to support student learning


2013 - 2013
Instructional Skills Workshop
UBC, Canada - british columbia , Canada

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