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Dr. Terri Easley

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Hello! My name is Terri! I have worked on various online tutoring platforms and tutored students in Conversational English tutoring on subjects such as vocabulary, pronunciation, reading comprehension and writing. My tutoring styles are to work cohesively with each student and the lesson plans, exercises, and/or project based learning. The goal is to logically understand and recognize the student’s strengths and to positively strengthen their weaknesses for success. To allow each student an opportunity to ask questions, seek clarity and evoke confidence (self-awareness) while learning the joy of speaking the English language.

In addition, I have over 15 years in supervisory and management experience in the corporate and healthcare settings; conducted training, mentoring meetings and classes for staff. I am a business owner, published author and earned my Doctorate degree. As a business owner, I educate individuals to be successful in their health and personal life through radio, speaking events, and train-the-trainer sessions. In 2008, I became a published author and am currently working on my next three books.

I have partnered with international community organizations in Kenya and Nigeria to aid in building medical clinics as well as collaborating and traveled with several local organizations to provide relief during the hurricane seasons and disaster affected areas.

Throughout the years, hosted conferences, workshops and classes to teach on a myriad of relevant topics including business ethics and corporate communications through several media formats.

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Independent Online Tutor, Healthcare Training Consultant, Business Owner
Corporate, Healthcare, Education - California USA
Taught on various online English (ESL) tutoring platforms for the beginner, intermediate or advance students to improve their Conversational English such as pronunciation, reading comprehension, writing, vocabulary and grammar. Teaching business classes/workshops, assisting entrepreneurs and/or students with startup businesses ethics, consultation, team development, social media, master public speaking, and professional coaching. In addition, bring clarity to essays or thesis preparation, resume development and interview "role play" techniques. Supervisory/management arena in the corporate and healthcare settings. Human resources management functions, training new employees/evaluations. Successfully developed a New Hire Orientation program that resulted in low-turnover rates and increased productivity. Healthcare and regulatory compliance consultant. Spokesperson and educator/advocate for community outreach on health issues. Master of Divinity & Doctor of Ministry degrees, Biblical Studies/International Missions.