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Ana Dil
Ana Dil


Gain Practical Language Skills Beyond Grammar Rules

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🟢|Strategic & Practical Approach to Helping You Get More Than Mediocre Results in Language Learning|

🔵|Tutor Fully Bilingual in English and Korean + Experience in Learning Several Languages|

🟢|8 Years of Teaching Experience for People of Different Ages, Backgrounds and Levels|

🧿|Gain Practical Communication Skills Beyond Just Knowing a Bunch of Grammar Rules|

🧿|Avoid Common Pitfalls in Language Learning, Often Lead to Frustration & Mediocre Results |

🧿|Keep Track of Your Progress with Lesson Notes and Lesson Report After Each Lesson|

About Me:
👔|Teaching for the Experience of Helping People and Seeing them Succeed|

👔|Generous with Time and Help Beyond Each Lesson|

👔|Various Career Experiences. An Expert in Finance & IT|

👔|A Native of Seoul, South Korea. Canadian Citizen|

👔|Semi-fluent in French, some Spanish. Currently learning Japanese|

You probably want to reach fluency if you're learning a foreign language.

Language learning comes with challenges, as the path to fluency is not always a straight line.

It challenges us to think differently and broaden our horizons.

It can be one of the most rewarding activities that could open doors to opportunities and different experiences that we were previously unaware of.

However, it can also be a source of frustration as many struggle to go beyond the basic level of communication even after months and years of learning.

Everyone who wishes to become fluent will have to do their work by consistently practicing and incorporating the language that they are learning in their daily lives.

My job is to help you avoid wasting time on activities that bear little to no fruits and help you start enjoying the gift of language learning as soon as possible.

Important QUESTIONS Before Getting Started
Q1: Why did I decide to learn a foreign language?

Q2: What have I tried so far that has worked well and not so well?

Q3: Do I have a structured learning plan?

Q4: How do I know that I'm getting better? (Change is not merely a function of time, but of genuine desire and concentrated effort)

Q5: Do I feel trapped without making much progress, even after months or years of study? (If applicable)

Language learning can be one of the most rewarding activities in life.

But first, we need to focus on establishing the right mindset that is most conducive to learning a language well and cut out distractions.

😵"But How Should I Choose a Teacher?"
After all, there are many teachers available.
How do I know which teacher would be the right one for me?

I suggest you contact many different teachers who resonate with you to discover more about their teaching styles and how they can precisely help you with your language goals.

But, I do believe that I have an edge that comes from my knowledge and experience in

1. Teaching and learning languages

2. Performance psychology that I learned from athletics and financial trading

3. Process-driven approach to problem-solving that I learned from my work in IT and finance

📗 What I Expect From You:
1. Mentality

I. Winning attitude: This is in line with positive expectation with your learning and trust in your ability to do it well.

II. Mental flexibility: Some languages are very different from each other and not compatible with each other when translated. Your ultimate goal should be to think in the language you're learning and communicate without relying on translation.

2. Technical Setup:

No lesson via Tablet alone – Take notes and be active during lessons

Please ensure a good, reliable internet connection and audio & visual setup (a headset recommended for optimum audio quality)

3. Language Exposure

Always look for an opportunity to practice and gain experience using the language you're learning. It is the surest way to improve your proficiency over time

4. Record Keeping:

Journal your progress in order to track your progress and to remain objective in your progress.

It eliminates guesswork on what you've worked on and also brings clarity.

5. Feedback:

If you enjoy our lesson and find it helpful, please leave feedback/comment after each class

It will help me understand more about students’ needs and help me keep bringing quality lessons

📢 IMPORTANT Admin Stuff:

(Equipment Check)

*Please ensure a good, reliable internet connection and audio & visual setup.

*Please don't use a cell phone for your lesson, as it severely limits what we can do for lessons. I do not give lessons for students who only use their cell phones.

*(Optional but recommended): Dual monitor setup or an additional screen via tablet or mobile device.

(Suggestion for Our First Lesson)

*If this is your first lesson, I recommend taking a 1hr lesson instead of a 30-min trial lesson, as the first lesson usually requires 1hr of helping students plan their study routine.

(Cancellation & Absence Policy)

*Should you need to cancel or reschedule a lesson, don't hesitate to get in touch with me or reschedule on Verbling at least 12 hours in advance. (I also abide by this rule if I have to reschedule.)

*Cancelling within the last 12 hours results in 50% of the lesson fee charged automatically.

*Please note that 100% of the lesson fee will still be charged by default if a student is absent for a lesson without any notice or try to cancel it at the very last minute. I will wait for 15 minutes before I mark the lesson absent. I do this because everyone's time is important, and I have to forego another lesson.

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2015 - 2016
Canadian Forces Language School (French)
Canadian Forces Language School - Bagotville,Saguenay,QC
French Language School
2012 - 2014
Centenial College
Centenial College - Toronto, Canada
2009 - 2012
University of Toronto
University of Toronto - Toronto,Ontario, Canada
Math, Physics

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IT Technician
IT Technician,IT Consultant
2015 - 2019
Language Teacher (English,Korean)
Language Teacher (English,Korean)
2012 - 2017
Avionics System Technician, IT Technician
Canadian Force - Quebec, Canada