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Bonjour ! 👋🏼😁

My name is Mikaël, I am a 25 year old certified language teacher (DAEFLE) and I would love to help you reach your goals in French !
Whether you want to learn for the pleasure, move to a French speaking country, or succeed at a level test, I'll be very happy to give you a hand ! 👍🏼

🎯 How can I help you ? What is your goal ?

- Master conversational, professional French, technical and medical French
- Discover French culture (habits, cooking, humor ...)
- Improve your pronunciation, intonation
- Enrich your vocabulary
- Learn sentence structure, grammar and conjugation
- Get prepared for DELF, DALF or TCF

🏓📽️🎷 I love using games, videos, music, and pictures so you can progress without any pressure and without feeling like you are actually working !

Book your trial class, so we can discuss your goal and create a personalized plan for your learning process !

🙋🏻‍♂️ Who am I ?

Before being a teacher, I first worked in a medical analysis lab. I quickly realized it was not for me, and I needed a job in the which I could communicate and meet people. So I quit this position and started working in a school as an education assistant for teenagers. 🏫

It was at this position that I started helping French and foreign students in French, English and Spanish. As they appreciated my methods I decided to take a DAEFLE with "L'alliance Française Paris" to become a better teacher, and give them the help they deserved. I also started travelling at this moment, and this led me to visit and live in over 15 countries. 🗺️

I currently live in the south of France and I teach remotely, as well as volunteering in an educational program.

🏆 What can a class with me look like ? ☕

Grab a cup of your favorite coffee or tea, and let's go !

Class A - Discussing stereotypes 🇫🇷
- Talking about your week-end - 5 min 🗣️
- Reviewing words and sentences for last time - 5 min 🧠
- Watching a video about French stereotypes in French (2-3 min) , and discussing about it to understand it - 25 min 👀 ↔️
- Learning vocabulary / sentence structures from the video - 15 min 🔎🎉
- Role plays and debates - 10 min 🗣️

Class B - A classic French comedy 🎬
- Talking about your week - 5 min 🗣️
- Brainstorming words you know about movies and cinema in French - 5 min 🧠
- Reading and understanding a review of a famous French movie - 20 min 👀
- Learning new vocabulary about movies, and structures to give your opinion - 15 minutes 🔎 ↔️
- Talking about your favorite movies and writing your own movie review on a forum - 15 minutes 🗣️
(Optional homework : Watching the trailer of the French movie and sending me your impressions - 10 min)

Those plans are VERY FLEXIBLE, these are just examples of what we can do together !

I'd be delighted to have a quick talk with you, and get to know you. Book a trial class, and tell me about what YOU want. We will create a method that suits your needs, and start learning ! 📈🚀
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2014 - 2016
BTSA (B. tech) Anabiotec (Agronomical, Biological and biotechnological analysis)
Lycée La Roque - Rodez
Laboratory technician official diploma in France

briefcaseÇalışma Deneyimi

2017 - 2019
Teacher assistant (French Educational Assistant)
College Jean moulin - Rodez
Assisting French and English teachers, supporting the students for them homework, and substitute French teacher for foreign students


2019 - 2020
DAEFLE (Diplôme d’aptitude à l’enseignement du Français Langue Étrangère)
CNED (Centre national d’enseignement à distance) - Poitiers
Official certification of French Foreign Language (FFL - FLE - FLS) teacher. Specialty : Integrations of digital resources in the class