You speak Greek, You just don't know it

Are you thinking of learning Greek but you have heard that it is one of the most difficult languages? Well, you speak Greek , you just don't know it!
According to the author Aristides Konstantinides, the words of the English language (according to the Webster International dictionary) are 166,724 - of which 41,214 are Greek. Even more impressive, of course, is medical terminology: out of 43716 words, 20346 are Greek. That is, in a total of 178,903 English words, 51,807 (29,24%) come from Greek! Let's see some examples:

Medical terminology ( English)
διαβήτης diabetes
στομάχι stomach
επιδερμίδα epidermis
νεύρο nerve
χοληστερόλη cholesterol
πρωτεΐνη protein
θερμόμετρο thermometer
Μουσική Music
Νότα Note
Μελωδία Melody
Κιθάρα Guitar
Πιάνο Piano
Βιολί Violin
Τρομπέτα Trumpet
So, as soon as you start learning Greek you will discover that you can guess the meaning of several words just by hearing them!
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