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Business party 商务晚宴(2)

3 個月前
If you are invited to a business party in China, you should take this opportunity to promote relationship with your business partners. Let's learn some useful sentences about it!

3. 请(qǐng) 坐(zuò) 吧(ba),大(dà) 家(jiā) 请(qǐng) 入(rù) 席(xí)。
Take a seat, everybody.

4. 我(wǒ) 代(dài) 表(biǎo) 我(wǒ) 们(men) 公(gōng) 司(sī) 热(rè) 烈(liè) 欢(huān) 迎(yíng) 各(gè)
位(wèi) 朋(péng) 友(yǒu)。

On behalf of our company, I’d like to extend to all friends a warm welcome.

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