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Alkiviadis Peios

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Hello, I'm Alcibiades, your Greek tutor and I'm here to help you!

Are you ready to finally learn greek?
Are you ready to stop wasting time and money in methods that don't work?

If so you are in the right place! I've helped a lot of students and I can help you, too! Forget the traditional, boring way of learning a new language and embrace my unique, fun and highly interactive method! I will show you what you need to do to reach a high level of greek, how you can take control of your learning and finally make progress to greek fluency!

We will use my unique method which combines:
1)My Greek Real Life Simulation Online Game to get immersed in a greek environment from the very beginning and learn as if you were a kid in a highly interactive way!
2) Textbooks and workbooks
3) Ppt presentations
4) Fun and Interactive online softwares and platforms that will help you the most

If you want the full experience of learning greek, then I recommend that we aim to develop all four major language skills (Listening, Speaking, Reading, and Writing). However, depending on your ultimate goals, any combination of the four will do!

The lessons are being conducted in a friendly, easy to use, highly interactive online platform better than Skype! Few minutes before our session I will send you a link and you will join me!
Here is what we can do with it:
-Use video ( HD voice and video)
-Share our screen
-Use annotations while we're sharing our screen (like a whiteboard)!
-Share our computer audio; this is a great feature when playing a video or listening a song!
-Play and learn via Quizzes and educational games
-Write with a keyboard or a digital pen (optional)
-Record our sessions
-Much better quality of the call compared to other video conferencing software
-Learn through a real life simulation Online game!!!

Here is what my students enjoy:
-They use methods that actually work
-They learn how to read, write and speak Greek in a special highly interactive way
-They take advantage of the virtual classroom which provides a student friendly environment for everybody, anywhere ( I wills
-They benefit from the flexibility that an online lesson provides
-They take control of their learning and learn independently
-They enjoy the journey and have lots of fun by using a variety of materials such as songs, videos, games etc
-They make Greek a part of their life
-Adults learn 10x times faster as if they were kids through a Real Life Simulation Online Game immersed in a greek environment ( you won't find this anywhere else! )
-They eventually make amazing progress!

What few of my students say about my lessons:

-Laura: He is a fantastic teacher - knowledgeable and patient. What really impressed me is that he has managed to pitch lessons perfectly to me - even when I have prior knowledge of Greek that didn't conform to a specific curricula. He is very flexible and friendly and I leave every lesson excited and invigorated, no matter how tired I was in the beginning! He also makes allowances for my Cypriotisms which is so lovely, as this has often been a sticking point. He has a variety of systems and softwares, which are super easy to use which mean that being online is not a problem at all. I cannot recommend him highly enough
-Caroline: I have spent so long looking for a greek teacher & now I have found the best one of all. Alciviades is a wonderful greek teacher lessons are smart, imaginative, flexible & fun.I love the mythology most of all .Thanks Alciviades & heres to many more.
-Gina: excellent tutor who i highly recommend, he prepared my daughter for greek school and the teachers in the school are very impressed with the education she received from him.
-Hector: Fantastic teacher! Class really good organised with plenty of extra materials.Definately i would recommend him to whoever wants to learn greek.

*All ages and levels!
*NO need to buy a book!
*FREE digital educational material!

Experience and Education:
I have 6 years of experience teaching Greek to adults and children as a private tutor. I have delivered private lessons with supplementary school material to children aged 6-11, on maths, physics, Greek and history. Moreover, I was a volunteer teacher of Greek as a foreign/second language for immigrants and their children. In Scotland I worked at the Greek School of Glasgow and I delivered private in-home tuition. I was also an examiner and assessor of the speaking examination at all levels for the Certificate of Attainment in Greek (established by the Greek Ministry of Education) that held in mid-May 2018 in Glasgow,UK.

At the moment I deliver private in-home tuition in Edinburgh and Online lessons.I am also training teachers in Online teaching, providing live and recorded webinars.

BEd Primary Education Sciences
University of the Aegean, School of Humanities, Greece [September 2008 - June 2012]
Interdisciplinary study program focusing on :
• Educational Sciences and Psychology
• Social and Human Science and their Didactics
• Science-New Technologies and their Didactics
• Language , Literature and Folklore

*Specialized in Cross-curricular approach to teaching and learning that includes contributions from Greek language-history-Mythology.

Approach to teaching:
Learning a language can be challenging so I have the patience to explain new concepts and processes.I am a confident, patient, friendly and reliable individual who pays attention to not only academic but also emotional development, always placing students at the center of learning. I strongly believe that learning should be enjoyable and I ensure that my tuition is both personalised and active. I take time to build good working relationships with all my students as I think that happy and relaxed learners are successful learners.

As a tutor, I am able to identify my students' learning styles and adapt my teaching methods to suit. For example, some students are step learners and tend to remember information that's presented in tables or charts, whereas other learners feel they're more effective when chat, discuss and argue.

That's why I offer you my " Learning Style Assessment " to find out which type of Learner are you! Yeah, that's right… I adapt my teaching and communication style to suit you, not the other way around because what works with somebody else doesn't mean it will work with you, as well.

With my method, the Greek Real Life Simulation Online Game, you will learn greek 10x times faster as if you were kids, immersed in a greek environment!

What we do with our Real Life simulation online game is, as much as possible we simulate the environment in which YOU will need to remember, ranging from where you study, to what you hear, and even how you feel.

This is done so as to encode the memory as closely as possible to the environment in which it will be retrieved. We practice in different contexts and settings, so that the knowledge is encoded more thoroughly in YOUR mind!

Of course all of these are combined with efficient workbooks, textbooks, interactive apps and software, and real time feedback to ensure YOUR way to greek fluency.

And don't forget spaced repetition over time is an effective way to encode learning and the best kind of repetition that leads to effective learning is deliberate practice!

So, are you ready to get on the road to Greek fluency?

Do you still have second thoughts about how my method works?

Check my video and see yourself my unique, interactive method in action!

If you already watched my video then don't think twice! Book your FREE first session with me now!

I have the course package designed to fit your schedule, to help you accomplish your goals!


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2008 - 2012
Bed Primary Education Sciences
University of the Aegean, School of Humanities - Greece
Interdisciplinary study programme focusing on: ● Educational Sciences and Psychology ● Social and Human Science and their Didactics ● Science-New Technologies and their Didactics ● Language, Literature and Folklore


Certificate in Informatics and Computer
University of the Aegean - Greece
Certificate in MsWord and Internet.
ICT intermediate
Certificate in MsWord and Internet.
Member of PVG (Protecting Vulnerable Groups) scheme
Disclosure - Scotland, UK
I am suitable to work with children and/or protected adults.
Qualified Teacher Status
Department for Education - England, UK
Certified to teach in England
Provisional Primary Teacher
The General Teaching Council of Scotland ( GTCS ) - Scotland, UK
Certified to teach in a Scottish Primary School