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Здравствуйте! Меня зовут Кристина.

In 2015 I graduated from the Krasnoyarsk State Pedagogical University as a speech therapist.
In addition, I'm a certified teacher of Russian as a second language, and I have been teaching since 2016.

PLEASE READ THIS before booking a lesson with me.

🔻 If you start from the basic level, I don't believe in a “conversational” approach in learning Russian—that is, skipping grammar & rules and starting right away on speaking.

Here's an example: I lived in China for one year, I heard Mandarin Chinese every day for many hours. I tried to repeat and remember some phrases, but I couldn't speak because it didn't help me to understand how the grammar works, how to build my own that experiment wasn't successful for me.

🔻 Accordingly I applied this knowledge to my lessons. I use a more standard, classical approach to create them. I teach you vocabulary and grammar, we work on pronunciation, and we consolidate knowledge in listening and speaking exercises.
Personally I like systems, structure, tables and diagrams so I use them often.

So my lesson is a combination of 5 components of speech: listening, general speaking, pronunciation, vocabulary, and grammar.

🔻 I use modern Russian books + my professional knowledge + some information from Russian media.

🔻 My personal advice: the best way to see improvement in Russian is not just to take lessons with me, where you'll understand how the language works internally; revise what we learned together and do some additional exercises for at least 15 minutes every day.

Don't limit yourself to only the time with your teacher!

Find language partners with whom you can practice your new language skills in casual speech (there are many platforms on the internet), subscribe to russian speakers on social media, listen to russian songs, watch videos in russian, laugh at russian memes.

The more different people you hear and speak to, the better.
Surround yourself with information in Russian and results will come in no time!

✔️If you feel that my philosophy suits you, I welcome you to book a lesson!

Я рекомендую бронировать эти уроки, если ваш уровень уверенный А2 и выше.

На этом уроке мы будем обсуждать разные темы из повседневной жизни, выполнять интересные задания, учиться высказывать своё мнение и развивать навыки свободного говорения на русском языке.

За несколько дней до встречи я отправлю вам материалы для подготовки - нужно будет посмотреть аутентичное неадаптированное видео на YouTube, а также изучить все незнакомые слова и фразы из этого видео, которые в последствии вы будете использовать на встрече.

Я тщательно готовлюсь к урокам, поэтому если вы хотите практиковать какую-то определённую уникальную тему, сообщите мне об этом заранее.

I recommend booking these lessons if your proficiency level is confident A2 and higher.

In this lesson, we will discuss various topics from everyday life, engage in interesting tasks, learn to express our opinions, and develop free speaking skills in the Russian language.
A few days before our meeting, I will send you materials for preparation. You will need to watch an authentic, unadapted video on YouTube and study all unfamiliar words and phrases from that video, which you will then use during our session.
I prepare for lessons thoroughly, so if you want to practice a specific unique topic, please let me know in advance.


To determine your level of proficiency as accurately as possible, I'll ask you some questions about yourself and we'll have a casual talk.

After that, we’ll do a test together to check your grammar and vocabulary.

In the end, I'll tell you some information about my lessons, show you how they look and answer your questions.


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2019 - 2015
Speech therapist
Pedagogical university named V.P. Astafiev - Krasnoyarsk, Russia
Speech therapy with specialization of psychology


2014 - 2017
As speech therapist
Middle school №82 - Krasnoyarsk, Russia
Speech therapist for kids and adults
2017 - 0
As teacher of Russian language
Private teacher - online
Teacher of Russian as foreign language


2019 - 0
Russian as a foreign language
Education center "Вдохновите" - Moskow, Russia
Modern methods of teaching Russian as a foreign language focused on effective skills for face to face and online education