First day of Blog

It's been long time that I didnt write something. Well good start now, emm, let me see what I can write here. Maybe some Chinese poems and stories and ofc, my own stories.

First day of blog, I'm quite excited about the trip back to China next week. This week, I started to go back to poems, and found a favorite one.

给我粮食 give me food
给我婚礼 give me marriage
给我星辰和马匹 give me stars and horses
给我歌曲 give me songs
给我安息! give me rest in peace

I'm not a good translator I have to say, and Chinese is way to deep to translate. Food for survival, horses to go faraway land, or chasing the stars. Songs are the language of heart, then after all these, rest in peace.

晚安. Good night.
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